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10 New Foods to Try in 2022

As your little chard is of a curiosity that is matched only by its gluttony, I want to share with you my predictions for 10 new foods to try in 2022, which, in my opinion, will be on everyone’s lips and buds.

New Foods to Try in 2022, like fashion, decoration, and art, are subject to trends.  that we didn’t know at all is suddenly in all the recipes published online. A few months later, we find potato chips seasoned with this ingredient or ready meals enhanced with this super nutrition.

If over the months, you see them showing up on your radar. As you will come and tell me in the comments that I was right. On the other hand, if you had no idea, new food to try in 2022 that this ingredient existed. It may be time to practice integrating it. If you think I forgot any, add them in the comments so we can all think of them!

Fermented Foods

Fermented foods have been around for millennia! Whether we think of soy sauce, sauerkraut, sourdough bread, alcohol, cheese, yogurt, or Mexican tepache, this is nothing new. The difference is that these ingredients have gone from popular among local populations or among health food enthusiasts to being everywhere on the shelves of our local grocery stores, such as IGA or even Costco.

Fermentation Development

Fermentation develops the sixth flavor, or umami, from multiple ingredients. It is also excellent for the intestinal flora, at a much lower cost and in a more natural way than the probiotic type supplements which have also been very popular for years.

But in addition to these benefits, fermentation is also a natural method of preservation! Whether we think of pickles or sauerkraut, the most common fermented vegetables in our stores, fermentation gives that vinegary taste, but without vinegar.

Fermentation is neither more nor less than a controlled transformation of food by microorganisms. By creating an environment favorable to good microorganisms, we encourage them to develop and transform our food. They become easier to digest and store. It’s a win-win.

In short, I could write 6 pages on fermentation but I can only tell you that our video and article on homemade kombucha have been hitting reading and viewing records for a few months. Same thing for our homemade kimchi. Clearly, it’s trending. Fermentation is a secret process of multiple-starred restaurants. It now ferments much more than pickles!  If this subject interests you, I also suggest

My homemade sauerkraut, how to make homemade Kombucha, my homemade Kimchi recipe, The Revolution Fermentation website to launch your own laboratory, the book The Nomad Guide to Fermentation * from Nomad restaurant, named the best restaurant in the world in 2021


The first time I saw gochujang in a recipe was in the book Momofuku, by David Chang. We had to go shopping in town, at the Korean and Japanese grocery stores to find some. It can now be found on Amazon* for those who do not have access to an Asian grocery store near the house.

Gochujang is a Korean chili paste and an essential part of the Korean pantry. It’s a sweet and spicy condiment and ingredient, a fermented soybean paste that adds distinctive umami to Korean cuisine but can now be found everywhere from poke bowls to fusion cuisine.

With good reason because gochujang is a bomb of flavors, just like miso paste for Japanese cuisine (also trendy at the moment – see below in this post!). Be aware that there are different levels of spiciness to the gochujang paste and that there is also a gochujang sauce which is a more liquid version, perfect for dipping your Korean fried chicken! Yum.

For how to use it, here are two recipes where I use gochujang:

Took bock (the famous noodles from the Squid Games series), My post on some basics, sauces, and condiments of Korean cuisine

Grilled Lemon

Grilled lemon is not only photogenic but delicious. We see it more and more everywhere, in multiple recipes, from cooking on the stove to Mediterranean cuisine.

Why roast lemon, beyond the fantastic photo, look? During cooking, the heat intensifies the flavor, while releasing the juices. This is one of my favorite secret weapons for adding a lively flavor to any dish! With my candied lemons with gray shallots, here are bombs of flavors within everyone’s reach.

Squeezing a little of this concentrated juice on your favorite foods adds fantastic acidity. New foods to try in 2022, Grilled lemons are perfect for grilled chicken, seafood, artichokes, asparagus, green beans, etc. As a bonus, these delicious grilled lemon wedges are also magnificent in cocktails!

Ancient Grains and Whole Grains

In my youth, you could buy snow-white wheat flour and look for, whole wheat flour. End of list. From now on, there is enough to desire a doctorate in nutrition to understand the vast choice of grains and flour available on the shelves. You only have to spend a little time in the organic section of your favorite grocery store or in a natural new food to try in the market to see that ancient grains and whole grains are trendy.

Improvement of soil Health

Again, the subject will deserve its own fuller post in 2022 but for now, I suggest you expand your horizons beyond the wheat of your childhood and explore the local grains that are available to you. Small spelled (einkorn), emmer grain, buckwheat, rye, durum, but also grains and cereals grown through agricultural practices and agricultural processes that help improve soil health.

At la petite Bette, we try to integrate whole meal flours from local and organic grains, which we grind with our small kitchen mill, the Komi mill, and the Libidos Classic* model that has adorned our counter for a few years. My breadcrumbs, cookies, and bread benefit from these whole meal flours, without anyone knowing. Long live the good fibers!

Exceptional Butters and Ghee

When I think of exceptional butter, I think of my friend Jaime Damask, from the blog I am a mom, with whom I frolicked in Brittany in 2019, for a press trip. When Jaime tasted Breton butter from Mayson du bearer Border, she simply stopped talking. Hahahaha. Stunned that butter, plain butter, could be so good. It’s when you taste Breton butter that you understand how a sandwich as “simple” as ham and butter can be so… perfect.

For some time now, I have been happy to see quality artisan butter or churned butter appear here and there. Without offering a panoply as sublime as the Madison du Bruere birdie, there are more and more beautiful varieties of butter in Quebec. My love of butter is not new! I even brought back a few books from Maine on our last trip in 2019.

As La Persse says in the article Finding butter to taste, published on April 12, 2021: “lovers of specialty butter, with the fermentation of the cream for a tangier taste (so-called “cultured” butter, like most European products) or higher in fat for unparalleled puff pastry, have less and less difficulty finding what they are looking for in the grocery store.”

My favorites Foods

Prince Edward Island Butters Cows Creamery, Butters from La Laterite Chignon. For pastries, I have a weakness for the 84% organic unsalted butter from the L’Ancêtre cheese dairy., Salted cultured butter from Madison Riviera with its little salt crystals but to be eaten immediately because many have told us that it goes rancid or quickly loses its freshness, you can also now find President butter (from France) on the shelves of my local IGA, I love it!

Ghee, him? As for ghee, I will tell you about its benefits in another article, including how to make it at home, but this favorite product of Ayurveda and Indian diets is gaining more and more popularity in the traditional market.

On the other hand, it sells for a crazy price when you consider that ghee is only a clarified butter, that is to say, a butter stripped of its water, lactose, and animal proteins. Only the pure fat is then kept: ghee.

The process to do so is quite long, know that you can now buy it here quite easily, it can even be found on* and in some regular grocery stores. Hats off to Laterite Chignon for releasing a version that can be found at our local IGA, in the heart of the suburbs. I love the nutty taste of ghee on popcorn and it’s a perfect butter for cooking since it resists heat much better.

Miso Color and Taste

As mentioned above for gochujang, miso is to Japanese what gochujang is to Koreans. But we see miso paste taking its place everywhere to the delight of the taste buds. Miso is a fermented paste generally made from soy but there are hundreds or even thousands of types of miso, with more or less pronounced colors and flavors.

I’m still dreaming of my miso and butterscotch ice cream (and working on the recipe) from Mount Desert Island Creamery, tasted in Portland, Maine, and then in Bar Harbor the following summer. Miso butter is also one of the tips I want to share in 2022

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