6 Ways to Ace Your Aptitude Exam

Here are some general test tips, as well as information on the various types of aptitude tests available. More expert advice on the various types of aptitude tests, as well as tonnes of practise material, can be found throughout our website. But for the time being, let’s get started with some pointers on how to ace your aptitude tests.

Practice is the most commonly recommended path to aptitude test success, and few would disagree. Familiarity with the style and format of aptitude tests will help calm your nerves and allow you to concentrate entirely on answering the questions. The last thing you want to do during your real test is waste time figuring it out. Practicing questions and analyzing where you went wrong should help you avoid making the same mistakes on the real test. The timing of an aptitude test will almost certainly be incorrect the first few times you attempt it. Don’t let the first time you take a test be the most important.

Understand your exam

It is critical to understand the type of aptitude test you are taking. Each test is unique, testing different skills and using different formats. Practicing the tests you are required to take will help you become familiar with the format and develop the skills they target.

Although it is difficult to distort the results of a psychometric personality questionnaire, if you research the type of person the company is looking for, you may be more likely to answer with that company’s values in mind.

Companies frequently list the competencies they seek in each role. It’s a good idea to remind yourself of these before taking your personality test. Don’t try to answer in the way you think they want you to because you’ll get it wrong, and if you’re not answering honestly, your answers will appear disjointed in the results. Your initial response is most likely the most accurate reflection of how you feel about a question.

Do not enlist the assistance of your friends.

If your exam is online, it may be tempting to enlist the assistance of a friend. Apart from being immoral, this has a high chance of backfiring. Application processes that require the candidate to take an online psychometric test typically invite successful applicants to an assessment center where your test performance will be verified. As a result, they will soon discover whether or not you completed your online test.

Furthermore, the company is putting you through a battery of aptitude tests to see if you are capable of performing in the advertised role. If you do not reach the required level, you will most likely struggle and be unhappy in that particular job role. 

Use online tests to your advantage.

Make the most of this opportunity if you have been asked to take an online aptitude test rather than one at an assessment center. You have more variables under your control, and you should not ignore any of them. Make certain that you will not be interrupted; notify your friends or housemates that you will not be interrupted, and turn off your phone. Check that you are not hungry, thirsty, or in need of the restroom. Schedule a time when you will be alert, and have a cup of coffee ready in case you begin to fade. Make sure you have everything you’ll need on hand, such as rough paper, pens, a calculator, a dictionary, and so on.

It should be noted that in some cases, the test provider will allow you to retake the exam. The only circumstances in which this is permissible are illness and IT failure. Some immoral students have been reported to unplug their internet if they feel a test is going particularly poorly, claim their connection was lost, and request a re-sit. Test providers are developing increasingly sophisticated methods to validate claims such as computer failure. If your connection fails, most test publishers can now see where you are and simply ask you to continue from there.

Simulation that is realistic

Find out when your aptitude test is at an assessment center and try to practise at the same time every day. Also, take your practice aptitude tests all at once; don’t take a break in the middle because you won’t be able to do so in the real test!

If you are required to take your aptitude aptitude test online, practise in the same room where you will take the actual test. It is also critical to practise on the same device that you will use for the actual test. We strongly advise you to use a desktop computer rather than a phone, tablet, or laptop.

Other devices can be restrictive; you can’t use the convenience of a mouse, and the publisher’s test may not always respond perfectly on a smaller screen.

Maintain vigilance and focus.

In timed psychometric aptitude tests, concentration and stamina are just as important as natural intelligence. You will waste valuable time if your concentration lapses during your test. Make sure you sleep well and that you are ready to focus and keep your mind stimulated for an extended period of time. You should treat the psychometric test like a sprint; you should be mentally exhausted from concentration by the end. This sprint mentality is appropriate for online tests that can be completed at home, but it will be ineffective if you have to take several tests throughout the day at an assessment center. Rest between tests and approach the day as a marathon with several short sprints. Psychometric tests are a game, and you should approach them as such. 

Request feedback

After you’ve completed your tests, you should receive an email informing you if you’ve advanced to the next stage. This email could be sent within an hour of completion or a week or two later. Be patient and don’t worry too much because there is nothing else you can do at this point. Individual feedback may or may not be included in the email. This information is extremely useful if you want to learn from your mistakes and know which questions to focus on the next time. Assessors are required to provide you with individual feedback if they follow British Psychological Society best practise, so don’t be afraid to ask.

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