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A comparison between the electric and non-electric water purifiers

On understanding the ill effects and the issues caused due to drinking impure water, people are concentrating on devices to purify the water that they consume. There are also many devices and technologies are adopted to purify the drinking water. They are two types of water purifier that uses electricity and others do not use electricity for functioning.

What is the difference between electric and non-electric water purifiers?

  • The category of electric water purifier includes RO water purifier and UV water purifier and these needs electricity for functioning.
  • The category of non-electric water purifier includes Sediment filter, activation carbon water purifier, and UF water purifier. These water purifiers do not need electricity for functioning.

Difference between the types of water purifiers based on different aspects

The technology used

The technology used in the electric purifiers is Reverse Osmosis (RO), ultraviolet (UV). In the case of non-electric water purifiers, the technology used purification through basic sediment filters and ultra-fine filter (UF) membrane. On the whole, if they are connected with electricity they come under electric filter if not they come under the non-electric filter.

The cost

The significant aspect that people consider is based on the cost of the water purifiers. Generally, the non-electric water purifiers come with a low cost when compared to the electric ones. Even in electric water purifier, only RO water purifier charges high cost when compared to the UV water purifier.

Type of treatment for purification

This is actually your water purifier works and this is the area that you should be highly concerned about. It is the right option when you consider the quality of the water supplied to your home. If the water has more impurities, looks turbid and if you feel there are high minerals present in it, then without any doubt the best option will be the electric water purifier.

In case, if the water appears with good quality and your only concern is about the minerals present in water, then you may go for non-electric water purifier.

Type of purification

Both the type of water purifiers works on different impurities and set of chemicals and minerals present in them. When you take electric water purifiers in consideration, it will help to remove dissolved solids, virus and bacteria present in water. This will be highly suitable for urban areas.

If water present contains chemicals, germs, suspended matter, sand and virus it is the better option to go with the non-electric water purifiers. This is highly applicable for the water supplied in the rural areas.

In precise, for water that contains virus and bacteria, the electric filter would be the right one and for the water that contains minerals and suspended mater the non-electric water purifier will be the right option. The ultimate would be to obtain the water that is clean, without any impurities and safe for drinking.

Other differences

  • An electric RO water purifier will be able to convert hard water to soft water but a non-electric filter can’t.
  • Other than drinking, for some process like washing clothes, utensils, water from non-electric water purifiers will be the right option.
  • As non-electric purifiers use gravity for settling of impurities and suspended particles the installation will not be complicated. In the case of electric filters, it needs a place for a clean, leak-proof vacant place so installation should have some concern.

What to prefer between electric and non-electric water purifiers?

On an analysis of both the types of water purifier, it can be concluded that selecting the electric water purifier would be the right option when compared to the non-electric ones. On the other hand, one of the important drawbacks in case of electric water purifier is that they required electric supply all the times when functioning. Here are some cases where you may opt for non-electric water purifiers.

  • When you have a discreet power supply
  • When you need the water supply to fit in limited budget
  • When you do not have proper facilities for installation like for the people who are living in the rented home since they need to relocate at any time.
  • When you do not wish to spend more electricity for purification of water

Whatever type of water purifier you may choose it is important to have a complete analysis of the type of water purifier that you are choosing. Consider the most important factors like how they are helpful for you based on your environment, your budget, maintenance, etc. make the wise selection and have pure water to have a long and healthy life.

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