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A Step-by-Step guide to Fix for SB001 Technical Error in SBI YONO

Net banking access through SBI YONO is a popular option for millions. The SBI YONO app’s safe aspect is why so many people use it for shopping and bill payments, as well as small and big transactions. The app, on the other hand, often crashes for users. If, when enrolling for the SBI YONO app, a dialogue box appears and indicates sb001 technical problem, below is a list of simple remedies that might assist you.

What does SB001 Technical Error Mean?

Sb001 is a short-term problem that will be resolved in the near future. According to a representative for SBI, this was the official position of the bank. Users, on the other hand, are still having issues signing up for the SBI YONO app. Despite the fact that the app’s malfunctioning is reasonable, the bug may be repaired in minutes and your app will perform as smoothly as ever again. Allow us to be your guide.

Fix SB001 Technical Error

Attempting to solve a problem with a computer is a good idea to begin with the simplest remedies first. To help you get rid of the sb001 technical error please try later’ warning you may get while enrolling with the SBI YONO app, we have developed a list of remedies.

For starters, make sure you have a working internet connection and that you have the newest version of the programme installed.

Time and Date

● In your phone’s Settings, go to the time and date section.
● Pick the option to automatically select the date and time.
● The SBI YONO app may now be restarted to check whether it works.
● Step 2 is necessary if the issue has not been resolved.

Clear the Cache and Data

In many cases, deleting the cache might resolve issues with an app.

● Navigate to the preferences menu.
● Apps may be found under the settings.
● The SBI YONO app may be found in the list of applications.
● Storage is available.
● Navigate to the app’s cache and data and clean them off.
● Remove the app’s cache and data.
● Restart the app if it hasn’t already done so.
● Re-register and create a security code.
● Use the security pin to log in.

Try Using SBI YONO Lite

It has been noticed that the SBI YONO lite app still works for a lot of users who encounter technical errors in the SBI YONO app. You can consider using the SBI YONO lite app for the time being.

● Take a look at the app store.
● The SBI YONO Lite app may be downloaded through the SBI App Store.
● Your username and password are required to log in.
● Every time you use the app, you’ll need to enter your security pin.
● Log in with your security pin when you’re ready to use your phone for banking.

Register Again

SBI asks you to change your password or re-register if your bank information hasn’t been updated for a long time for security concerns. If you prefer, you may use the bank’s online banking system or go to a branch to do so.

Online, you may do the following:

● Go to and sign up for an account.
● If you’re asked to change the password, do so.
● Correct any errors that may have arisen.

The SBI YONO app requires re-registration if you’ve changed your account information.

● Open the SBI YONO app and log in.
● Register the user and generate a security pin.
● Use the pin to log in YONO app on your phone anytime.

Fix Problems in SIM Binding

For security, SBI needs to send a message through the registered mobile number (RMN) before you can access the app. That is how SBI can confirm your registered mobile number. This is a security protocol from State Banks of India to save their users from fraud. SBI calls it SIM Binding.

For sim binding, there should be an SMS facility in your sim card number.

● Is this app allowed access to my phone?
● Check for permissions in the SBI YONO app’s settings.
● Allow phone permission if not allowed.

Restart the app and see if the issue is resolved.

If the app still displays the sb001 technical error,

● Check if your Registered Mobile Number has an SMS facility.
● Check with your service provider and see if your number has SMS plans.
● If your phone number doesn’t have the facility to send SMS, you need to recharge it with an SMS pack.

Check if Are You an Existing INB User

There is a slim chance that even after following the remedies indicated above, your app still does not operate. But even if that is the case, there is still a problem to be solved.

Perhaps not being an established INB user is preventing you from using the SBI YONO app. Then sign up for online banking at the state bank of India’s website or a local branch. When you begin the e-registration process, be sure to have your ATM nearby.

To sign up for online banking, follow these steps:

● Open
● A New User Registration will appear. To do so, just click on it.
● Your ATM card may be used to complete registration.
● Specify a user name and a password for the website.
● Once you’ve logged in to the SBI YONO app, you’ll be able to access your account.
● Register the user.
● Make a pin for security.
● Log in using your pin.

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