Are you in Need Of An Affordable, Popular Philadelphia Airport Parking Site?

Philadelphia international airport is located strategically about seven miles from central Philly. According to PHL, it’s the only major airport that serves the US’s sixth largest metropolitan area, offering services to about 32.24 million travelers annually. The airport boasts twenty-five airlines, offering approximately 500 departures daily to above 150 destinations globally and injecting about $16.8 billion into the economy. 

In general, the airport is designed to make your travel a cakewalk. But there is a small problem if you drive to the airport.  Are there enough safe parking lots, and how much does it cost to park at Philadelphia airport?

Ample Parking Lots Around Philly

According to the New York Times, airport parking can potentially cost you more than your air ticket. For this reason, it’s essential to identify an affordable and popular Philadelphia airport parking site before booking your flight. We’ve made it easy for you by rounding up a few popular Philadelphia airport parking sites near PHL, offering cheap shuttle services to and from terminals for your convenience.

1. Expresspark

This facility is arguably the most convenient and popular Philadelphia airport parking site. The site has two easily accessible locations – the north and south parking facilities. The facility has the fastest airport shuttle services, which take about two minutes to take you to your terminal.

The North Lot Parking rates start at $7.95 daily – probably the cheapest rates you can get for airport parking in Philadelphia, with complimentary 24/7 shuttle services and luggage assistance. Also, the facility offers self-parking services, including emergency roadside assistance.

The South Lot is the nearest Philadelphia airport parking from the western suburbs, DE and South. In addition to all the North Lot parking facilities, it’s the first East Coast environmentally friendly parking facility.

2. Park & Jet Parking

<p>Conveniently positioned about 4 miles from the airport, this facility is an affordable, popular Philadelphia airport parking site, with outdoor self-parking services starting at $9.99 daily. The parking space has heightened security measures, such as round-the-clock on-site workers and ample stadium lighting to ensure tight security in the area. Also, the parking is fenced fully for additional security measures.

Additionally, the facility has complimentary shuttle services that will conveniently transport you from your car to your terminal on time. Also, it allows you to extend your reservations after parking.

3. DoubleTree By Hilton

This parking site is about 0.7 miles from PHL. Although the parking rates are slightly higher, starting from $10.99 daily for outdoor self-packing, the facility offers complimentary luggage assistance and high-speed WiFi to swing the balance. Additionally, the facility offers complimentary round-the-clock shuttle services that operate every 20-30 minutes and only take about 5 minutes to reach the airport.

Final Thoughts

Before traveling out of Philadelphia, it’s essential to do background research on a popular Philadelphia airport parking site guaranteed to save you money. For instance, the Expresspark North Lot parking facility rates start from as low as $7.95 daily. Also, it’s wise to settle on parking that offers faster shuttle services to PHL and quality complimentary amenities such as reliable WiFi. Travel more with much less.

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