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Best food in rs3

Cooking is the skill that allows the user to cook different types of food, from fish to pizzas. It is currently one of the easiest skills to train and, therefore, it is one of the most commonly seen 99s in RuneScape. Nowadays, a level 54 is required to have the ability to Cook the scores (Hiscores).

How to cook

You can cook in various ways. Generally, players cook on a fire, created with the ability to make fire, or in an oven that can be easily located on the map using a pan (pan) icon. It is important to know that only Meat (Meat), fish (fish), stew (stew)

A player cooking in an oven And te (tea) can be cooked on a fire, and things like bread (bread), biscuit (cake), and cakes can only be cooked in an oven.

To cook, you must use your raw food (raw) in an oven or a fire. If you have more than one of those types of food in your backpack, you will get an image of that food; you can right-click on the image to select options such as “make-all” and “make-X.

List of best food in RuneScape game

Food in RuneScape allows players to recover health points from the fitness skill. Food can be obtained from fishing and cooking and dropped by certain monsters or purchased from NPCs. The highest healing food for free players is anchovy pizza, while it is croaker soup for members. The effectiveness of each food depends on the level of the physical condition of those who consume it. For example, if someone level 10 of physical condition eats a croaker, they will only receive healing of 250 life points, but at level 95, it heals 2300 life points. Thus, it is important to know more about each food, looking for the ideal one for your level.

It can be said that cooking is split into two or three parts: fish and Meat, and elaborated food such as bread, pizza, among other things. These are list of rs3 best food:

Bread (bread):

It is the simplest to make, and you can start making from level 5 of cooking. To do it:

  • Get flour and mix it with water to make Bread dough.
  • Cook the mixture on a Range (stove), and it will be ready.
  • Bread making gives you 40 experience points, and you can get up to 5 hp.

Pie (cake):

To make the cake, do the following: -Get some flour and mix it with water to make Pastry dough. –place the mixture into an empty pie dish. -put one of the following ingredients: Redberry: You gain 78 experience points, and you can recover up to 10 hp. Meat: You gain 110 experience points, and you can recover up to 12 hp. Apple: You gain 130 experience points, and you can recover up to 14 hp. -Finally, cook your cake on a Range.


From level 35 to create a pizza, you have to: -Get flour and mix it with water to get Pizza dough. -Add tomato to pizza. -Add cheese to pizza. -Cook the pizza in a Ranged. As long as it remains, you gain 143 experience points, and you can recover up to 14 hp. -You can also add ingredients later to your pizza, such as Meat (from level 45): you gain 169 skill points and get up to 16 hp. Anchovy (from level 55): You gain 182 experience points and get up to 18 hp. The latter, for example, is a good idea when going to Clan Wars since you can recover a large amount of hp.

Cake (cookie):

From level 40, you can make cookies in the following way: -Mix flour, an egg, and milk in a cookie tin (cake tin). -Cook the mixture in a Ranged. As long as it remains, you earn 180 experience points and get up to 180 hp. -Optional: you can add chocolate: You gain 210 experience points and recover up to 15 hp.


It can be made from level 35: -Fill a jug (jug) with water. -Add grapes to the pitcher of water. But he -Wait for the wine to ferment. You gain 200 experience points and can heal up to 11 upskill of attack can be affected. NOTE: the wine is fermented while in inventory or the bank.

Stew (stew):

It can be made from level 35: -Fill a bowl with water. -Add a potato. -Cook some meat and add it to the mix. -Cook the stew in a Ranged. You earn 117 experience points and can earn up to 11 hp.

The great advantage (or disadvantage, depending on your point of view) is that you do not consume everything in one go, but rather that you consume it in parts.


Players can obtain Meat by killing chickens, cows, bears, yaks, and giant rats. When a player cooks raw beef, bear, or rat meat, it becomes simply “cooked meat.” If you use cooked Meat in a fire, it will burn, and you will receive a message saying: “You deliberately burn the nicely cooked meat.” This gives no experience.


Fish is the most common food in RuneScape because of the ease of obtaining it. These heal a large amount of life and are the most recommended in combat. They can be easily obtained through the Fishing skill. The toughest part of getting raw cavefish rs3 player need 88 cooking and need to face high level monster.


Rocktail is the highest-level fish in the game. It is a members-only item and requires a doneness level of 93 to cook. Each cocktail heals 230 horsepower and can also give an HP bonus of up to 100 that rocktail can only be fished in rock caverns live.

Pineapple pizza

The pineapple pizza is the tallest pizza a player can make. A cooking level of 65 is required and can only be done by members. They can restore 220 horsepower in two bites, 110 horsepower at a time. Players can cook a pineapple pizza by baking a simple pizza base pizza, a tomato, and some cheese, then dicing or slicing pineapple.

Tuna potato

A tuna potato will also heal 220 horsepower. A doneness level of 68 is required to make this, and it is also a members-only item. The tuna potato is made to cook an ear of corn and a tuna, combine in a bowl, and using the bowl in a baked potato with butter.

Wild cake

Requiring a doneness level of 85 to make, the Wild Tart heals 220 horsepower in two bites. It also gives the player a bonus ranging from four points and a five-point slayer bonus. Only members can cook or eat this food. To make a wild tart, bake a tart and add raw bear meat, chompy Meat, and rabbit meat. Bake the cake on a range.


The Manta Ray is a rare fish that, when cooked, heals HP 220. Players must have a doneness level of 91 to cook the Manta Ray. They can only get caught during the trolling minigame. Also, he is dropped by flying Kilisa, Flockleader Geerin, and Wingman Skree monsters in the dungeon of God wars.

Summer cake

The summer cake requires the highest level of cooking in the game. Member players must have a doneness level of 95 to make this tart, which heals to 220 horsepower in two bites. It also gives players a five-point agility bonus. Bake a summer cake by placing a strawberry, apple, and watermelon inside a cake and baking on a range. Players can also receive a Summer Cake when I loot Dragon Imps.

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