Best Practices for Introducing New Products to Your Audience

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Introducing a new product is a significant event for any corporation. A company reaches this phase of launch after immense hard work, multifarious strategies, and flourishing approaches. Therefore, the introduction of the new product should also be special and well-planned. Even the most exceptional products with the most excellent features won’t be able to gain a presence in the market if not launched with proper strategies and a bang. Therefore, it is vital to organize a unique launch event to create a buzz and evoke interest among your product’s global target audience.

The outbreak of the pandemic has impacted the events industry drastically. Hosting enterprise events like trade shows, conventions, conferences, launches, exhibitions, etc., had become a problematic task until the idea of online events came into existence. The event industry experts efficiently made their way out of all the challenges by coming up with the innovation of virtual event technology. New Product Launch events have primarily suffered in terms of hosting events as with the lack of participation and resources; it became inconceivable to execute triumphant product launches. The online product launch platforms have made it seamlessly possible to organize successful launch events for the organizations. Also, the global organizations are not only organizing the events now but also making the most out of them.

Let’s explore some of the most proven best practices to organize a proficient product launch event.

Have a Pre-Planned Agenda

To guarantee the smooth flow of your online product launch event, having a pre-planned agenda is a vital aspect to keep in mind. A concrete plan will deliver a defined format and structure to your online event. You can also disseminate this agenda with your event participant or target audience through different event platforms before the product launch event so they are aware of all the event sessions and activity schedules.

Pick the Right Virtual Launch Technology

Leverage a suitable virtual event platform that is the best fit for your product launch event ideas based on your objectives and requirements. With a wholesome virtual venue that provides you with a comprehensive virtual event solution, you can create a completely personalized and branded virtual product launch for your event attendees.

Make Your Event Interactive and Entertaining

The more interactive your virtual event is, the more your event participants feel engaged. Also, attendee engagement is one of the most fundamental elements that can define the success of your product launch. Therefore, try to include more and more fun and entertaining components like games and live performances into your virtual launch event. Interactive components like live polling, breakout rooms, sponsored games, contests, and more will efficiently elevate the audience engagement at your online product launch.

Let Your Event Talk Engagement

An excellent way to improve engagement at your online product launch is to include components like customized social walls, online photo booths, and signature walls. A social wall can curate all the posts shared by your event attendees over their social media and represent them over a standard wall. Likewise, a branded photo booth can enthral your attendees to capture moments and directly share them to their social media handles with the support of embedded links. These features are popular in the online event industry to improve event engagement and maximize the reach of any online event.

Strategize the Event Schedule

You need to be smart and precise while scheduling your online product launch event. Also, ensure that there are no major or prominent events lined up for the same target audience as yours, so the participation at your event is not separated. It is also advised to share teasers of the product before organizing the product launch event to create anticipation. But, you also need to ensure that the gap between the teaser and the launch is not more than two weeks, else there is a chance that your attendees might lose anticipation & interest.

While working on the event schedule, understand the significance of keeping the session duration short. The participants & viewers attending your event from remote locations usually have a very brief attention span. Thus, instead of scheming long and tedious sessions, make sure to provide breaks during the session at your virtual event.

Get in Touch with the Famous Faces

Collaborate with renowned entities, influencers, or artists for your event launch. By doing this, you can gain maximum participation by ensuring that you get in touch with the relevant faces that your target audience recognizes and follow.

Develop Appropriate Content

Developing suitable content for your online event is another essential factor to organising a successful online event. Know that if the type and content you present over a screen are not engaging enough, your participants are just a click away from exiting the launch event. Also, don’t forget to assure that the quality of all the content you put up on the virtual platform is suited for your virtual event attendees.

Send Swag Bags & Boxes

Sending swag bags to your online attendees always works like a charm in upholding engagement at your online event. You can send them things like goodies, coupons, discount cards along with stunning branded presents. This way, you can not only make your attendees feel encouraged to participate in the event but also accomplish your marketing goals.

Gamify Your Product Launch Event

Adding advanced games like virtual escape rooms and scavenger hunts can further improve the interactivity at your online launch event. Efficient virtual event platforms have invented creative gamification tools that help you ensure maximum participation at the event.

Include Top-Class Networking Opportunities

Including great networking opportunities for your participants at the online product launch event will enhance your event’s value. There are various innovative networking features provided by online event platforms that have transformed the way people expect networking activities to be. Tools like AI matchmaking, live audio & video chat, advanced search filters, B2B meeting schedulers, virtual networking lounges, etc., can boost the possibility of your event’s success.

Follow Up!

Concluding your online product launch event does not indicate that the publicity of your product is over. Following up with all your event participants after the event is another essential strategy to hold their interest in your new product. You can reach out to all your attendees by emailing them a thank you text. This way, your event attendees will know that their participation at your virtual launch event was valuable and is admiringly appreciated.

Host a successful virtual product launch today!

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