8 Creative Die Cut Boxes Ideas 2021

Die Cut Boxes

Die Cut Boxes – We live in a world that does not see the boundaries to anything, whether it is technology, branding, marketing or product packaging. Over time, the packaging industry has changed the most in terms of the purposes it serves or the presentation. Unlike the old times, it is not just about containment anymore, but it helps in building a strong and powerful image of the brand in a lot of ways, such as;

  • Create an attractive appearance
  • Communicate with the customers
  • Grab the attention of the customers
  • Develop a trustworthy image of the brand
  • Offer the most functional packing
  • Consider the environmental factors
  • Create brand awareness 
  • Represent the brand
  • Provide information about the product

Well, all of this is possible because of customization. It offers companies and customers the most feasible opportunity to create their product boxes in a way that gives the best exposure to the brand. 

Customization for Die Cut Boxes:

Talking about customization, die cut boxes are the most popular among the customers and the brands. These boxes are made with a different technique, using a single piece of paper that is cut according to the template. They do not need additional glue to secure the encasements as they have interlocking flaps that give a more secure closure to the box. 

Packaging is the most important asset for a brand to create custom rigid boxes more professional and powerful image in the market and among the customers. The competition is tough, customers have a lot of options to choose from and they do not stand in the market evaluating the product if it is better than the one next to it or the one they saw in the last shop. They make their purchase decisions depending on the packaging and that too in 6 to 7 seconds. So, a company has only a short span of time to grab the attention of the customer. 

Here are some amazing and creative die-cut box designing ideas that stole the show this year. 

1. Window cut-out sleeve box

Customization sees no limits when it comes to die-cutting. The boxes that have window cutouts are more presentable as they offer the perfect display of the product to the customers. 

Having window cutouts on sleeve packaging is a double treat to the eyes. Sleeve packing boxes are the most versatile in appearance and usage. They are sleek and portray a very classy image of the product.

2. Cylindrical case with custom cutouts

Die-cutting designing is not limited to the regular boxes but they can be made on any shape that you can think of. Cylindrical packaging is very unique and practical in keeping the product save. They are compact yet offer very convenient packaging. 

Cut-outs on tube packaging make them more attractive with some fancy or tinted liner to cover the exposed area. Custom logos and patterns make them branded to make a greater impact on the customers.

3. Foiled Gable Packaging 

Gable boxes are shaped like a bag with handles. They are very easy to carry. The flat bottom that they have, gives practical storage and usage to the product. Convenience in carrying the product makes these encasements more popular among the customers.

Custom foiling is a metallic film or printing in different colors like golden or silver and many more. You can make your custom patterns on your packing according to the product’s needs and requirements. Foiling not only enhances the appearance of custom boxes but also increases the strength of the box against damage like water, moisture, and excess heat or cold that could ruin the product.

4. Ribbon Magnetic Closure 

Luxury is not impossible, especially when we are talking about customization as it offers customers the freedom to control their quality with the choice of material that is used to make the boxes. 

Rigid boxes are made up of corrugated cardboard that is the strongest and the finest when it comes to quality. Magnetic closure packaging has a flip opening lid that has a magnet at the closing end of the box

5. Pyramid box

Product box die cut has not left any product whether small or large unattended when it comes to giving an alluring packing. Pyramid shape creative die-cut boxes are perfect for packing of products that are small and need tiny boxes. They have been around for a lot of purposes this year like wedding favors, birthdays, bridal showers or baby showers, and holiday treats. 

6. Typographic die cuts

It is like; keep talking about the benefits of die-cutting packaging for life and still, it is not enough. Die-Cutting as Typography is the most loved by the customers this year as it not only is attractive but also helps in more productive marketing of the brand. For instance, die-cut typography helps in logo reinforcement of the brand if done on the product packing.

You can add foiled outlines on the logo cutout or embossing to highlight the important information. 

7. Interactive die cut boxes

Window, letter, or pattern cutouts on the boxes are not only for the aesthetic appeal but also help in keeping the customers engaged for a longer period of time. Die Cut for business Physical Interaction such as cutout coupons, flip opening boxes, pop-up images and closures help in grabbing the attention of the customers most effectively and affordably. 

8. Purse box 

The unique die-cutting ideas have made it easy for the customers to create distinction among the brand and similar products. For instance, purse-shaped packaging is very unusual when it comes to product packaging that offers an opportunity for companies to go for designs that are never seen before. Customers instantly get attracted to packaging like these.

Wondering how much creativity is going to cost you? Well, nothing as compared to durability, aesthetics, quality, functionality, sustainability, and branding. Customization in wholesale is the cheapest that you can find in the market. It is not only cheap but as luxurious as other expensive alternatives. The drill is to be creative, imaginative, and authentic when it comes to designing. 

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