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If you’re a buggy lover, then you know all about the legendary Meyers Manx dune buggy. This iconic vehicle has been popular for decades, thanks to its unique design and impressive performance.

Whether you’re a fan of off-roading or just want a cool conversation piece, the Meyers Manx is definitely worth considering. Keep reading to learn more about this one-of-a-kind buggy!

Overlanding is a relatively new form of automotive culture. It started gaining popularity in the 1960s, but its roots go back much further than that – to before cars were even invented!

Do the mainstream history books say what made this trend so widespread?

Jeep CJ-5’s and early Ford Broncos for starters; these vehicles are now responsible for offroading around your favorite wilderness areas or exploring all those remote places near us here on earth as well…

The most comprehensive writeup available will show you how an oldie like me (I’m 33) can build one himself from scratch using supplies close at hand: metal melted down into shape by welding torches under high-pressure conditions then cooled quickly enough not only make something pretty sturdy outta the garbage.

The Meyers Manx Dune Buggy is an iconic if somewhat controversial car that promoted the free-spirited lifestyle.

It was not produced by a major manufacturer but enjoyed worldwide because anyone could buy one for their lawn and have fun with it!

The vehicle had few features but didn’t need them as its underpowered nature allowed drivers to take on any terrain they wished without getting stuck or bogged down – this little runabout’s power came from pure necessity rather than anything else which made these Bugs even more appealing in comparison with other vehicles at times when we see how difficult off-road driving can be sometimes…


Bruce Meyers, a boatbuilder, and surfer who had been experimenting with fiberglass technology to create better boats for years were bored one day while working.

The thought of what would happen if he combined his two passions really sparked in him an idea: making light but powerful vehicles that could navigate tight spaces where other cars couldn’t go; perfect for surfing or exploring new waves! thus became iconic Meyers Manx – the brainchild behind some revolutionary designs including golf carts transformed into personal watercraft (PWC) called “wave runners”.

In order to make the most out of a simple and affordable design, designer Vern Meyers incorporated maritime construction logic with fiberglass body molded as one piece.

His initial concept incorporated an engine from Volkswagen Beetle–the cheapest (and most dependable) cars sold in America at that time!

The curvy exterior proved rigid enough for his needs which is what he wanted all along; it’s not too flimsy or fragile like other products on today’s market but still light-weight enough so you can carry extra boards without feeling weighed down while traveling across town.

But there are some things worth noting before we dive into how this young entrepreneur built his dream vehicle: compact size… affordability… ease of maintenance.


The Meyers Manx Dune Buggy is a two-wheeled vehicle that can be driven over any terrain. It was designed by Bruce Meyers in 1964, and full production began in 1965 with 12 pre-production models made before bringing it out on store shelves as the “Meyers Manx”. The name ‘Manx’ comes from this being like how they look at dogs with unusual skills; just because you may not see their type around doesn’t mean anything!

Meyers Manx was a popular option for Volkswagen buyers because of its lower power output. However, at the time it didn’t weigh too much and had enough torque to make up for the lack in HPs with that 1-2 liter engine which weighed only 1300 pounds!

This improved stock Beetle performance greatly due to shorter wheelbase; maneuverability also increased making this car behave as animals do on land or sea when they swim together as one unit (as opposed to how humans would have difficulty moving).

The Manx was a unique and successful attempt at creating an off-road vehicle that could be used by beach lovers.

The cool factor alone made this little runabout stand out from other customs created in garages, but its capabilities were what really captured people’s attention–especially with how well it blended into surf culture during the 1960s.

Meyers’ design had all sorts of neat features like foldable wheels for easy storage or adjustable seatbacks so you could drive long distances without having your comfort suffer too much!

I am not sure if you know but last year some guy took his Truck into Mexico just so he could run across the country doing things like eating dried chili peppers while sleeping under bridges.

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