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How to Choose a Home Water Purifier

In today’s industrial world, a water purifier is one of the essential things. It is used to purify the chemicals, bacteria, germs, and sediments present in the water. Once you decided to buy the water purifier means, you have to choose the best one. Buying water purifier is not quite easy; have to consider a lot of factors. You have to select the water purifier depends upon the quality of water supplied in your area.

Nowadays, a lot of water filtration products are introduced in the market. Therefore, while choosing the water purifier you have to consider the cost, type of technology included the purifier and the final decisions have to read the reviews. Let see the instructions for selecting the home water purifier:

Check the water quality:

As, per the first paragraph, you need to consider the water quality before buying the purifier. The TDS level, salinity, and hardness are high in your area water; you would prefer the RO water purifier. The RO water purifiers are embedded with the semi-permeable membrane, which will help you to remove the metals, impurities and dissolved materials present in the water.

Types included in the water purifiers:

Nowadays, a lot of water purifiers are available in the market. If you take the right decision means, you have to consider the Home Water Purifier technologies. Depends upon the budget and the quality of water you have to choose among the UV (Ultraviolet), UF and RO water purifiers. Let us discuss the various technologies involved in the water purifier:

RO water purifier:

The membrane present in the RO water purifier help you to remove the dissolved particles or contaminants present in the water. This type of water purifier is perfectly suitable for the area where there is a high TDS level. It also has the capacity to remove the Arsenic, heavy metals, toxic impurities and Fluoride from the water. The TDS controller has been installed in the RO water purifier, which helps you to stop the removing of essential minerals from water.

Gravity-based water purifier:

The Gravity based water purifiers are available in the effective cost and also doesn’t require the electricity to operate. The water is purified only due to gravity. If the TDS level in the water is low in your area, you should prefer the gravity-based purifier.

UV water purifier:

The high power UV lamp is installed to remove the disinfectants and contaminants present in the water. UV water purifiers are run in the electricity; it has the capacity to purify the tap and municipal water. It doesn’t remove the impurities, which are in the dissolved state.


The contaminants present in the water are like nitrate, bacteria, lead and dissolved pesticides. The water can be tested in the laboratory to know the number of contaminants present in the water. If the high level of microbes and contaminants present in your area water, you should prefer these UF, UV and RO water purifiers.

Storage capacity:

The storage capacity is the major factor need to be considered while going to buy the home water purifier. Suppose, the power supply is too bad in your area you have to choose the higher storage water purifier.

Follow these instructions while buying the water purifier. These are all the important factors to be considered if you want to choose the right home water purifier.

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