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How to choose the best RO systems to your home?

When it comes to family health you need to be more careful while taking decisions. One of the best decisions you need to take in order to ensure the family health is buying the right RO systems for your home. RO Systems you choose should be determined by the quality of water in your area. Apart from this, you need to consider several other factors also. Though it looks like an easy decision you need to invest some time and do proper research before choosing the right RO system for home. Here are the lists of few factors that you need to consider for HOME RO installation to your home.

Water source:

In general, there are two different kinds of water source are available one is city water and another one is well water. In most of the cities, people get water from the water distribution plant where the water will get treated before allowing for human consumption. So there will not be much contamination and entry-level reverse osmosis systems are more than enough for the homes in city areas.
But when it comes to rural areas a major source of water comes from wells and bore wells and those waters will not be treated properly so the amount of concentration will be high and hence reverse osmosis with UV light sterilizer is recommended. When you plan to buy home RO installation you need to take this into the count.

Stages of filtration:

Typically RO systems have 3, 4, 5 stages of filtration and usually, 4 stage filtration are recommended for most of the places. But for the people living in rural areas where the contamination of water is quite high so in those places, you can go for the 5-stage reverse osmosis process. 5-stage reverse osmosis is equipped with pre-filtration systems which removes the sediments more effectively.

Water pressure:

Water pressure plays a key role in reverse osmosis because sufficient water pressure is required to push the water source into a filter in order to filter out the contaminants. Minimum water pressure required to filter is 40 PSI and in city areas, most of the houses meet this requirement whereas in rural areas you need a booster pump to push the water into the filter membrane. Booster pumps also vary according to your needs so you need to take this into consideration before choosing an R0 system.


This is one of the primary questions you need to ask yourself before going to buy home RO. There are different varieties of RO are available these days and you have to choose the best one that suits your needs. Expensive ones will be having different ranges and those machines will filter out large quantities of water at a particular time. Low-cost products will filter out fewer amounts of water and for family needs; RO with average filtration quantity is enough. Mid-Range products will be available with ensured quality in machine parts which will also help you to get an ample amount of service in the long run.


Most probably you will install your reverse-osmosis under the sink. So while buying an RO for your home availability of the space is also taken into consideration. If you are already having the limited space in your kitchen then large RO will be an additional burden for your in managing the space. So while installing RO for your home you need to measure the space availability and dimensions before buying.

Ease of installation:

After buying RO it is better to hire the professional to install because he will know the nook and corner and will fix according to your needs. If you try to fix them it is difficult to fix and you will end up fixing in the wrong manner so better hiring a professional is an easy task done.

Ease of use:

RO is very simple to use on a daily basis proper maintenance will help you to work better in more period of time. For that, you need to do some work in order to keep them working on good condition. Changing the filter every month and model every year will help you make your RO work in good condition for a long period of time.

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