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How To Force Quit Word On Mac?

microsoft word

Be it is an app on Mac OS, it will always work well. However, sometimes apps will stop working or else they will freeze. Once any app stops working, it will make your Mac OS slow down utterly. Importantly, if word not responding and it takes a while to work no way you should quit the app. Of course, there is no other choice other than to stop the entire application. 

Only when you do it, you can work further on your Mac. No matter the app, if its stop is working, you must use Force Quit to close the app. Here come the ways to quit the not responding word on Mac. 

Steps to Force Quit MS Word or Other Apps on Mac

Are you looking for a way to force quit MS Word? When you notice that MS Word stopped working without any thought, use Apple’s Force Quit. Look at the following points to execute it. 

  • You are required to press the Control”, “Alt”, and “Delete” buttons all at the same time on your Mac PC. By this, the task manager will appear now press the “Option”, “Command”, and “Esc” to get the force quit menu. 
  • Even you can get the “Force Quit” option by clicking on the Apple icon that is available in the upper-left corner of your screen.
  • After getting the Force Quit window, you can know what the applications are running. By clicking the particular app, you can force quit. Snap on the app and then click Force Quit” at the bottom.

Various methods to Force Quit MS Word

In case if the above-provided steps are not working. One can even go for other methods that will help you force quit MS Word or other applications and programs on your Mac OS. Look at the different ways. 

Keyboard Shortcut Method

  • Press Command-Q” on your keyboard to get task manager.
  • Now pick the app that is not working click “Force Quit.”

Option Key Method 

The option key method is a manual one. Thus you need to select the app you need to quit. At first, you ought to right-click or control-click on that troubling app. Now you should hold the Option key; you can get Quit” selection to “Force Quit” in the list of options.

Launch Activity Monitor Method

Suppose if word not responding though you tried all these methods. All you need is to Activity Monitor by clicking on the Spotlight icon. After that, you need to type “Activity Monitor” in the magnifying glass available at the top-right corner. Later pick the app that comes in the list and then choose the one you need to stop. 

Using Apple Menu

In general, Apple Menu provides the best quick options to Mac users. Importantly, it is a fast and effective way to force quit an app on the Mac. It is called the cursor method to force quit an app on Mac. Here are the steps to follow. 

  • Open Apple Menu.
  • Click on Force Quit.
  • Now select which app wants to stop.
  • Eventually, choose Force Quit.

Using the Dock

This is another quick way to Force Quit Mac OS’s not responding app. For that, you are required to use the dock of a Mac. Thus, all you need to do is click only once and access the dock to do the step. Accordingly, to execute it, 

  • Press the options switch.
  • Later Right-click on the app in the dock.
  • Finally, it would be best if you tapped on Force Quit. 

Using the Terminal

The terminal is nothing but the command line interface system where you are all set to use the terminal through some commands. Along with that, one can use the terminal to force quit on Mac. But it would be best if you had an idea about command, then you can’t be able to do that. 

Thus, check the below steps to do the overall procedure. Using the below steps will aid you to force quit microsoft word not responding accordingly; follow it. 

  • At first, open the Terminal.
  • Now you need to type top and press return.
  • In the next step, you need to click on the app that has stopped working.
  • Importantly, you are required to note down the PID of that app.
  • After that, type q to obtain the overall program list that is running. 
  • Now, type kill <PID>.
  • When you get it, the message program has been killed.
  • That’s all the program you want to force quit has stopped working. 

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