How to Get the Perfect Manicure with Press-On Nails?

Your nails have the power to make or break your day. A perfectly polished and glossy set of nails puts you on cloud nine, whereas chipped nails make you come crashing down. Sadly, you might not always have the time to visit a salon for an hour of pampering and manicure. In such cases, press-on kiss nails do the trick; they bring the salon to your room. So, instead of spending time painting your nails, a press-on set provides you with polished nails on a platter. If this is your first time glueing fake nails, don’t worry. This guide has your back!

Find Your Size

The type of press-on nails you choose reflects your lifestyle. So, the first step towards wearing a press-on is finding the correct size. Every kit has nails for different hands. Before purchasing a set, check its number. For reference, zero is the largest thumbnail size, and eleven is the smallest size for your pinky. If you cannot determine the right size, lean towards the smaller end, as it prevents the nails from digging into your skin.

Cleaning and Preparation

Before starting the press-on process, ensure your nails are clean and healthy.

  • Removing extra oil: The first step is removing the oils from your natural nails. Dip acetone on cotton buds and massage them on your nails to dehydrate them. Not only does this step make your nails shine, but they also ensure the press-on will stick to them and remain intact.
  • Apply a base coat: Applying a base coat on your natural nails protects them from damage or roughness. It creates a smooth barrier between your natural and fake nails, making the latter long-lasting, dehydrating your natural ones, and maintaining their colour.
  • Dry your nails: Finally, dry your nails before putting on the fake ones. Drying ensures the press-on sticks to them for longer and blends in seamlessly without tearing or chipping your natural nails.

Glue or Tape?

Depending on your preference, you can use glue or tape to attach your press-on. For instance, if you want to wear fake nails for an evening, secure them with sticky tape. On the other hand, to wear them for a week or two, use glue to stick them. Applying glue keeps the fake nails attached for 10-14 days, depending on your preparation, cleaning, and lifestyle.

The Right Angle                                 

When applying kiss nails, ensure you stick them at a lower angle. Align the fake nail with your natural nail’s cuticle, apply pressure to the middle part, and press both ends to ensure the glue or tape sticks correctly.

Filing Nails

Similar to a salon manicure, press-on nails also require filing. However, instead of instantly filing them, wait until the press-on moulds perfectly to the shape of your natural nail. When filing, start contouring from the sides to make them look shiny and natural. 

Removing the Nails

After dazzling everyone with your brand-new glossy nails, the final step is removing them. Unlike natural nails with lengthy removal, press-ons come off quickly. If you have attached your nails with tape, you can dip your hands in warm oily water to loosen them. For glued ones, apply an alcohol remover on your nails for 10-15 minutes and then remove them gently.

Wrapping Up

Give yourself a salon-like experience with kiss nails. Press-on nails are comfortable, easy to apply and remove, and exude the same charm and radiance as naturally polished ones. Before wearing them, clean your natural nails thoroughly and tape the fake ones at a downward angle.

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