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Identify the Reasons for Less Production of Water in the RO and Take Steps to Solve Them

Have you ever thought why your water filter is not producing a sufficient amount of water? Here are the reasons for the problem that arises in your water filter. Nowadays, the water filters are found in every place to provide the purified drinking water for the people.

Generally, the water contains elements such as minerals, salts, metals, and other components. In order to remove the elements that present in the water purifying filters are used. The water filters have the greater ability to remove the unwanted components and contaminants present in the water thus making it ready for drinking.

RO Water Purifier

RO systems are one of the common types of water purifiers that are available in the market. The easy to use features and the fruitful benefits make it more popular among the people.

The RO water purifiers come in various models and they are upgraded with advanced techniques to offer better performance for the user. The continuous usage and less maintenance of the water purifier lead to improper working of the RO in some cases.

The common problem that arises in the RO system is not producing a sufficient amount of water. Go through this article to know the major reason for less production of water in the RO system.

Major Reasons for Not Obtaining Enough Water from Your Water Filter

RO (Reverse Osmosis) water filter has many components to carry out the cleaning process of the water. The damage or repair in any part of those components result in the improper filtration functionalities and lead to less production of water.

If you want to solve these problems, you have to obtain the RO repair service in your locality and correct them for proper use.

Inadequate Air Pressure in the Storage Tank

The RO water filter must have at least 5 psi of air pressure inside it. In case if the pressure is decreased, it affect the water supply in the RO water filter.

With specific models of RO water purifier, you can able to change the pressure of the storage tank by following the manual instruction that is provided with the product. However, you need to call the water purifier installation service professionals to alter the storage tank pressure.

Inadequate Pressure in the Water, Valve, Gauge

The inadequate air pressure in the RO filter is one of the vital reason for not obtaining a sufficient amount of water. When the pressure is lesser than 40 pounds it tends to affect the water filtration process. This is not such a problem that can be solved by the RO Repair Service experts in a short time.

Clogged Pre and Post Water Filters

The RO water purifier is categorized into two types as

  • Pre-filter (sediment filter)
  • Post-filter (carbon filter)

The pre-filter type of the RO water purifier removes the minerals, salts, dirt, sand and other pollutants from the water. The post water filter removes the bad smell and taste from the water thus providing the hygienic water for the users.

In such a case, the filter might be clogged with contaminants that reduce the ability to produce more amount of water. The materials that block the process of water filtration must be replaced to get a sufficient amount of water.
This problem can be avoided when you keep changing the pre and post filters at an interval of 6 months. So, you can get the purified hygienic water from the RO water filter system.

Damaged Membrane in the Water Filter

The RO water filter consists of a semipermeable membrane that plays a paramount role in removing the contaminants from the water. Due to continual process, the sediments will be deposited in the membrane thus lowering the filtration process.

So, you can only get less amount or no water from the RO water filter. You have to replace the membrane once in 2-3 years for enough water production. It is better to hire the water purifier installation service providers for replacing the membrane of the filter.

Blocks in the Inlet Water Pipe

The inlet water pipe holds the important process of passing the source water to the RO water purifier. The sediments and small particles in the water form into a larger one and it blocks the water pipe. This lower the flow of water from the faucet. So, you have to replace the inlet water pipe for increasing the water flow of your RO system.

Bends in the Water Pipes and Tubes

The crimps in the water tubes are very common during the installation of the RO system. You have to check whether all the tubes are straight and there are no bends in the tubes.

The curve that is formed in the water tubes reduces the flow of water and leads to less production. In such a situation, you can simply remove the kinks and crimps that are occurred in the tubes.

Thus, these are the major reasons for not getting enough amount of water from the RO filtering system. Follow these guidelines to identify the problem that happened in the RO system and correct them accordingly.

When you take RO installation service from the reputed company, you can able to solve these issues without much effort. Also, you can make use of the RO water purifier for longer days with little repairing service. Find Out the Apt Reason for Less Water Production in RO and Solve Them to Get Best Results!

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