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Instagram Stars – A Celebration of Indian Talent

This is the platform came as a good news for the content creators. “Born on Instagram” has come as a blessing for the talented people of our country. It is a great way to look for talented creators in India. Its motive is to discover and showcase the talent from different corners of our country.

The company explained their vision behind this step. When they announced this new programme called “Born on Instagram“, they emphasised their motive to discover new talent across India and also highlighted its “Unlabel” content series to showcase.

Facebook and Instagram came up with this amazing program, which is basically launched as an education and enablement programme in India to help creators drive more users and viewers, monetise better and ensure better user engagement.

This talent celebration was launched in September 2021. Born on Instagram focuses on educating and enabling creators more on the digital media platform. The portal has easy steps that aim at giving content creators a deep understanding of Instagram and also giving guidance to users about how to build a noticeable presence on the platform.

It is not just a platform to post and gain views but actually provides users with self-paced e-learning courses, live masterclasses with experts, the latest information on reel trends and earning opportunities.

There is no access fee charged as this is open for all Instagram users and creators and is totally free to access. They have planned the lessons in such a way that if done with concentration, in two hours, one can learn about the digital media ecosystem, the tools available, the community guidelines and get a strong hold on the best practises for building an individual presence on the platform.

Here it’s not just the courses that are there. In fact, after the completion of the course, the user will receive a letter of completion from Born on Instagram, personalised GIFs and AR filters for use on Instagram and other goodies, including the opportunity to get cash rewards and participation in brand deals.

That is, they are simply teaching you to earn money right away.The creator course first teaches you to manage your presence on Instagram. It teaches you how to optimise your profile and make it different from others by teaching you how the platform will respond to your right moves.

Then there is an advanced version, but access to this will require some eligibility criteria to be fulfilled as this is a selection-based programme that is aimed at discovering and showcasing creators with high potential across India. So, to opt for this, you need to have completed the Creator Course first.

Here, the users will have the chance to be in the live sessions with Instagram experts and industry leaders who will guide them throughout the duration of the programme. There are also options of having one-on-one sessions with experts and even getting the opportunity to collaborate with top brands. The duration decided is three months for the programme for each batch. People who are selected for this special group are notified via email from Instagram.

For all the insta users, there are a few sections on the new portal that are important to know. The ‘create’ button will display all of the weekly Instagram trends, such as popular tracks, top reels, and so on.This is important for the creator to stay updated.

Next is the ‘discover’ option, which gives a view of the top trendsetters and the users can get access to their videos and learn various tips and tricks to get better at creating content.
Then came the option that would help the users earn money. After one has completed the creator course, they will be given access to the ‘earn’ section, from where users get the chance to win cash rewards, participate in brand deals, and collaborate with top brands.

The programme also has resources for the good content on the platform. The rewards are being given every two weeks. Selected creators will receive cash rewards starting from Rs 10,000 to Rs 1 lakh. To be eligible to win this reward, a creator must create an account on the BOI website and should also complete the creator course to be part of the contest. Users also need to be at least 18 years of age and have an authentic profile.

There are several points kept in mind before choosing the like, evaluating the consistency of the user of posting reels, the content of the reels, and how many views the reels get by the audience. The creators are recommended to post frequent reels using trending filters and engaging content to make their profile stand out and qualify for the selection of the BOI Reels Reward.

The simple steps to register for Born on Instagram are:

  1. Go to the official website:
  2. Fill in the details of your Instagram handle and your personal information.
  3. Click “Register” at the bottom of the screen.
  4. Complete the creator’s course by clicking “Get Started.”
  5. Apply for BOI Advanced by clicking on “apply”.

Being born on Instagram is a great initiative by the platform, especially when the country was dealing with the pandemic. This is a great way to discover the talent of the country, giving them a platform to showcase their creativity to the world and earn money from the same. More and more people are coming onto the platform to explore the new age of fame.

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