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Maintaining your RO with the good service will help to have extended service

As people understood the effects that were caused in drinking contaminated water, they started to move to have a solution like aqua water purifier. To have maximum use of the purifier it is important to have the best service to them. When you do not have periodic service there are more chances to face certain RO repair. Here are certain information regarding maintaining your RO purifier.

Changer the filter regularly

The key factor of any purifier is the filter; based on the type of the filter you choose there will be three, four or five layers in the filter. At each stage, a certain level of impurities will be filtered. Also, the filter capacity will be affected. At some point, the validity will get over and they get damaged. At the time they have to be changed. To have the right service and the time to change your filter you can consult with the right Aquafresh RO service.

Sediment filter

This is the primary stage where the sediment, dirt, and slits are removed. When there is any fault in this stage the contaminated particles will move in the next delicate RO membrane. Generally, it is necessary to change the filter at least once in 12 months. You can also read the user’s manual for the more and particular information regarding your RO filter and required RO repair service.

Carbon filter

This is the stage where chlorine and other similar contaminants are removed. This is also responsible for the taste and the odor of the water. Generally, it is required to replace them at least once in the year. The best Aquafresh RO Installation and Uninstallation will help you in the process.

Reverse osmosis membrane

This is the semi permeable membrane in the RO purifier that is designed in order to filter all the additional contaminants. When all the previous filters are in good conditions then this layer can produce good condition and work until three years.

Polishing filter

This is actually the final stage in the water purifying process; if there are any particles that are any contaminated particles left over here it will be filtered and collected. This stage is also responsible for the taste and odor of the water. Where there is any problem in stage water may get wasted and results in decreased in water production. When you find that there is lots of wastage of water it means that it is the end of the life span of the filter.

Clean the system on an annual basis

When you change the filter it is also necessary to clean and sanitize the filter. You can look for the best Aquafresh RO installation and uninstallation service. When you do not need their help and confidence enough to clean them, you can get assisted by the user’s manual and clean them. Further certain general guideline can be followed like,

  • Completely close the valves of the pipes
  • Dispose of all the water in the RO
  • Remove all the filters
  • Use about 1 cup of hydrogen peroxide
  • Attach all the connected valves
  • Open the main valve
  • Let the system at least through 2 cycles
  • Shut off the main valve and install the filters
  • Let your tank to fill and drain once again

Be careful at every step and follow them appropriately to clean them properly or to have the Aquafresh RO service.

Ro water purifiers are the best solution that is been given by the result of technology to have water without any contamination. To have their needs completely it is important to maintain them properly. When there is damage even in one stage of any filter the efficiency of the filter will be reduced and the capacity to produce the best quality will be reduced. Make use of the service and enjoy with right care and services.

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