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Neeraj Chopra: Everything you should know about

Neeraj Chopra (born on December 24, 1997) is an Indian javelin throws player, field and track athlete, gold medallist, and sports personality from Khandra village, Panipat. Haryana’s boy made India proud by entering the top five to qualify for the IAAF Diamond League. The Diamond League final will be held on August 30, 2018.

Besides Neeraj, the other players qualified for the league are Johannes Vetter, Thomas Rohler, Andreas Hoffman, and Magnus Kirt. Now, Chopra has taken the sixth position with 12 points in three outings.

Twenty-three-year-old Neeraj was born to Satish Kumar and Saroj Devi on December 24, 1997, in Khandra village, Panipat district, Haryana; Chopra grew up in a simple agricultural family. He is a brother to two sisters. He finished his graduation from Dayanand Anglo-Vedic College in Chandigarh, and as of now, he is seeking a Bachelor of Arts from Lovely Professional University in Jalandhar, Punjab.

Neeraj Chopra won a gold medal in the javelin throw at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics, ending a 100-year wait. Thirteen years later, the Indian tricolor flag was raised at the Olympics, and the national anthem was sung as soon as Neeraj arrived here in gold. Neeraj won gold with the most effective 87.58 distance throw.

Javelin Throw CWG Gold Medal Recipient

The first diamond league was held in Doha, in which he finished in fourth place with a throw of 87.43m. In Eugene’s competition, his position dropped to sixth at 80.81m from the throw. Earlier this year, Chopra, 20, won the medal of gold of the CWG with a throw of 86, 47 m.

Therefore, he sealed his spot for the Diamond League Finals with a throw of 85.17m. In the meantime, the remaining teams for the league will be decided at the August 18 meeting in Birmingham, decided by the IAAF.

Youth, parents, profile, and caste

Neeraj Chopra was born on December 24, 1997, in Khandra, Panipat, Haryana (India). Therefore, the age of this Indian javelin throwing athlete is around 20 years old in 2018.

He is the son of Mr.Satish Kumar (Father) and Mrs.Saroj Devi (Mother). His parents raised him with his brothers and sister in Khandra village.

The Neeraj javelin thrower belongs to the “Ror” caste religion and Hinduism. His ethnicity is South Asian (brown Indian descent).

He completed his primary education at the Government School of Khandra Village. After that, he attended DAV College, Chandigarh, to complete his bachelor’s degree.

Personal affairs, girlfriend and spouse

In his free time, he enjoys traveling and listening to music. In the meantime, there are no known facts regarding his girlfriend and his status as a couple. He is single and is expecting his future wife.

Neeraj Chopra Diet: What is the diet plan of Gold Medallist Neeraj Chopra?

Neeraj Chopra won a gold medal in the javelin throw at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics, ending a 100-year wait. Thirteen years later, the Indian tricolor flag was raised at the Olympics, and the national anthem was sung as soon as Neeraj won gold.Neeraj won gold with the most effective 87.58 distance throw.

Neeraj Chopra is highly regarded across the country as it is India’s first gold medal after the 2008 Beijing Olympics. However, here we will discuss the daily life, healthy exercise, and diet of Neeraj Chopra. As a result, Neeraj was also very fat, but then he lost weight, and as a result of his health, we realize where he is now.

Neeraj works out at home

Neeraj Chopra is both a soldier and an athlete, so it is clear that he is living a genuinely disciplined life. His schedule may be too tight, but he manages to stay on time. Neeraj loves going to the gym, but due to the outbreak of Covid, he does most of his exercises at home. Most of the Neeraj exercises are done on the stairs and in the bedroom.

Neeraj believes that if he is critical of his health, he will devise new ways to stay the same everywhere and in any situation. Neeraj, who weighed 80kg at the age of 11, now weighs 86kg at 23 and is perfectly fit.

Neeraj loves working on strength and tissue training

Neeraj Chopra focuses on strength training and abdominal exercises. To increase stamina, Neeraj is doing well and now also lifts weights. He also does dumbbells and lateral raises every day to improve shoulder strength. As you know, the javelin throw shoulder can have a lot of focus on maintaining durability. On top of that, he does a lot of active exercises.

Neeraj Chopra Meal Plan

Neeraj Chopra does not like to include excessive amounts of fatty foods in his daily life. He recommends eating only salads and fruits on match day. This is to keep his body strong and not feel heavy. For breakfast, Neeraj serves whole wheat bread and an omelette. For lunch and dinner, Neeraj serves grilled chicken breast, grilled salmon, and eggs. When he’s hungry, Neeraj likes to drink modern juice, which he drinks in between. He recently included salmon in his diet.

Neeraj’s Favorite Diet and Cheat Diet

Speaking of Neeraj’s favorite food, he loves green biryani and omelette that he can eat at any time of the day. He loves to eat Golgapas in quick meals as he believes that Golgappa contains additional water, which does not significantly impact the health of the athlete.

But if we talk about his diet, he cheats on his routine only once every 20 days. In this sense, he prefers to eat churma but avoids sweets in his daily life.

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