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Setting the goals high for youtubers: Pamela Ann Stepnick

Pamela Ann Stepnick, is the mother of two handsome sons who are YouTube sensations Logan & Jake Paul. She has been married twice and presently lives with her second husband, David, and two kids.

Pamela Ann Stepnick Age

She was born on July 27, 1963 and her zodiac sign is Leo.

Pamela Ann Stepnick Profession

She was working as a registered nurse at the UHHS Westlake Surgery Center and several other medical centers far before becoming the youtube sensation. Pamela Stepnick, has learnt the skills from her sons to own the social media platform and presented herself as a YouTube content creator with her channel named Vlogmom, her channel was launched in March 2017 and in just in five years her channel gained more than 733k subscribers. People get connected with her as she shares her daily events, funny vlogs & her son’s activities on the platform.

Pamela Ann Stepnick Personal Life

Pamela Ann Stepnick is an American citizen. She loves dogs and having a dog named King Kong Da Savage Pom. Most of her childhood was spent in Lake Wood. Her eldest son Logan Paul has over 19 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. Her youngest son Jake Paul on Youtube Channel JakePaulProduction boasts 19 million subscribers. Pamela Ann Stepnick is now is an internet sensation and well known to youtube lovers. If we talk about her personal life , she is married twice.

Pamela got divorced from her first husband, Gregory Allan Paul because of personal differences. Then she got married to David.

Pamela Ann Stepnick’s First husband : Gregory Paul

Pamela’s first husband was Gregory Allan Paul who she married in the early 90s. They both have two wonderful and handsome sons Logan Paul born in 1995 and Jake Paul born in 1997. Both her sons are internet stars.

After some time Paul & Pamela got divorced putting an end to their relationship. The trial court had few judgments about Pamela’s full parenting plan on their divorce and few other concerns.
Though they are not together but as a surprise, Pamela and Greg appeared in a vlog of her eldest son. The vlog was about “who knows the son better?”. It was liked by many as Greg and Pamela seen together is a rare sight to have.

Stepnick’s Second husband : David

Stepnick was living her single mom’s life when she met David. They liked each other and started dating each other, Pamela and David got married in 2004. Though she don’t have child with David but David share a wonderful adorable bond with her sons. On her 15th wedding anniversary, Pamela expressed the beauty of the bond by posting a picture of the them as a gratitude for David for his role as a step-father to her two sons.

Pamela Ann Stepnick’s Star Sons stuck in a controversy

Indeed the mother and sons together are a social media influencer, still they were involved in controversies in the past. In 2016, Logan Paul had a trip to Japan , he visited Country’s Aokigahara forest during the trip. There, he filmed a person allegedly a suicide victim and then uploaded the same on his channel. It was quotes as an insane act and Logan faced a lawsuit of $3 million from Production company Planeless Picture in December 2020 for the same. Though afterwards he apologized and filmed a suicide prevention video as a regret.

In 2017, both brothers released criticised each other publicly using their social platform through a diss track against each other. Each became a talk for youngsters but later on, the brothers have publicly apologized and shown to their viewers that they are now on good terms and regularly collaborate for podcast and Youtube videos.

Once Jake gave an interview to Graham Bensinger, there he admitted about having suicidal thoughts. He told that the pressure of content creation made him addicted to drinking and smoking and when he had left with no new ideas about the content , he smoked weed and drank alcohol. It took his life to a downfall. In that interview, he opened up that he wanted to end his life and kill himself. He blamed his brother for ruining his career because of what he did with the Suicide Forest in Japan and made a video over there. His brother got sued for that, and everyone blamed Jack too. After that incident, even the brands backed out on him too. He got demonetized on YouTube. He said that he had no income, and people hated him. and that’s the reason why he started feeling that his life was useless and he had nothing to live for. He took therapy, worked on himself and started building his career again.

Pamela Ann Stepnick : Earning

Pamela Ann Stepnick started her career as a registered nurse but when Pamela resigned as a Nurse, her life took a new amazing turn. Pamela decided dazzle the world of YouTubers and launched her own channel Vlogmom in March 2017.

She gained over 735k subscribers in few years where she remain in light with her funny vlogs, daily events, and her family life featuring her two internet sensations sons. This new journey of hers bagged her a role on TV series called the Mind of Jake Paul.

If we talk about her earnings, Pamela is possess around $1 million. Though most of her income came from her nursing profession, but still she is earning a lot from views & sponsorship deals on Youtube. She enjoys a lavish life with her wealthy and star sons.

New star born : Pam Stepnick

Her YouTube channel called ‘VlogMom’ gave her kind of instant fame in just few years. In a year only she touched over 24 million views, many youtubers just dream about that. Till date, she has been sharing fun and amusing vlogs on her channel. She is slaying the internet with her solo video like pranks, reactions, and day-to-day stories to collaborative videos with her family, and a lot of interesting stuff. She has also made many videos with her star kids Logan and Jake Paul also, all of which are much entertaining and treat to watch.

An inspiration: Pam Stepnick

She gave a positivity to the people who are scared to follow what they love to do, specially wives and mothers who are passionate about doing something they love. She being a former nurse, has came a long way as a youtuber which she enjoys and loves sharing her family videos on her channel. She inspires others saying that there is nothing in this world which you can’t achieve. She often talks about her journey from no one to a social media celebrity, she has accumulated a family of more than 733k subscribers till date. On instagram, she has over 616k followers and also blessed with a decent fan following on Twitter and Facebook too.

Popular videos: Pam Stepnick

•Tessa Taught Me How to Twerk
•I Took Logan to the Dr…He is Having Issues
•Vlog Mom Reacts to Jerika

The first video, with over 3.4 million views, features the YouTuber learning how to twerk from the multi-faceted dancer and model, Tessa Brooks. The second video, holding over 2.1 million views, is a collaborative vlog by Stepnick and her son Logan. The third video is one in which Stepnick talks about her “daughter-in-law Jerika.” As of now, this vlog has over 1.1 million views and more than 37k likes along with numerous comments and shares. Just like these, the other vlogs by ‘VlogMom’ are also pretty interesting to watch.

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