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Refrigerator Buying Guide – Choose the Right Fridge Capacity

Refrigerators are not a matter of storage anymore; now, they are fulfilling purposes like automatic and manual defrosting to save the Earth. Therefore, choosing the right one for your household or commercial purpose is very important.

Choosing the wrong one can lead to-.

– Excessive pressure on the compressor.

– Frequent maintenance due to vigorous use, &

– Low life expectancy for one piece of equipment.

In order to ensure you are making the right decision, here is how you can buy the right refrigerator for your house. 

Mainly there are two types of the refrigerator:

– Direct-Cooling refrigerator, &

– Frost Free Cooling.

According to your budget and need, you will be picking one of these for your usage. 

Choosing The Right Refrigerator

Here is a guide to choosing the right refrigerator.

1. The Size Should Meet Your Goal

If you are a single person, then you do not need to invest in a double-door refrigerator. A single-door one with a storage capacity of 50l to 200l will get the job done.

However, if you are a family of more than two, the storage has to inevitably increase. This will ensure that you are not putting too much pressure on the compressor. The cooling effect and effectiveness of a refrigerator come from its compressor.

If your refrigerator is supposed to store no more than 200l, and you are storing too many food items overnight, it will cause unnecessary pressure on your compressor, decreasing its shelf life. 

You will have to call for frequent maintenance, which will cause you more than the refrigerator itself. It is better to increase your storage capacity with your usage, especially if you are a restaurant needing a refrigerator for commercial purposes.

2. The Kind Of Cooling You Require

We have mentioned before that there are two types of cooling.

– Self-automated cooling or direct cooling is when the cooling effect is produced by the refrigerator’s own convection process.

– Frost-free cooling is when the refrigerator uses the environment’s ambiance to regulate temperature. Rather than using the refrigerator process, they will reject heat.

Go for self-automated cooling when:

– You have too many power cuts a year.

– You don’t need ice; cooling is the only purpose of the refrigerator.

Go for frost free refrigerator:

– You recklessly use your refrigerator and want some energy consumption.

– The storage requirements exceed expectations.

3. If You Want To Be Environment Friendly

Refrigerators are the biggest offender of Chlorofluorocarbon gas in the environment. So, is it even possible to be environmentally friendly when you are using the refrigerator?

When you want to be environmentally friendly and also save your energy consumption, go for a refrigerator with a ‘less energy consumption’ mark. Speak to your retailer if needed, and understand the features of such a refrigerator.

Cooling on a frost-free refrigerator does consume more energy, so you can opt for a convertible one. When you do not need the ‘deep freeze’ feature, you can convert the entire refrigerator to normal convection. 

This will allow you to save some more energy. Check out this isotherm refrigerator to match all your energy-saving needs. 

4. Brand Warranty & Price

When you have all the features of your dream refrigerator, check the price and whether it matches your budget. Do not buy from the very first store. Consider your options, and search online for better offers. 

Once you have your desired price, the next step is to check through warranties, especially if you are buying it online.

– The return policy.

– Physical copy of the warranty.

– Number of free maintenance.

– Setting & Installation charges.

Simply buying a refrigerator is not enough.

Design & Finish 

Once you are done with all the above-mentioned features, it is time to think about the aesthetic as well. Refrigerator companies have been paying a lot of attention to design and finishing lately. This is because the refrigerator is an important part of the kitchen and is quite openly displayed.

Plus, now many are opting for modular-styled kitchens, and the refrigerator finish has to match the design.

If you have something like that in mind, you can opt for different colors to match the theme of your kitchen.

But, always remember to choose convenience and energy saving over an extravagant design. 

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