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If you are looking to buy a new bumper, then this write-up is for you!

The Rebel Off Road Summit is the perfect choice for your Jeep.

It’s designed to accommodate all of the accessories that you need to take on any adventure, whether it be in the city or out in the wilderness.

And with its sleek design and heavy-duty construction, this bumper will look great on your vehicle while also providing maximum protection when needed.

Specs & Features of This Bumper!

This is one tough bumper! It’s made from .188 Mild Steel and laser cut into 3/16″ thick USA steel, then robotically welded for maximum protection against damage.

The 14 bolt mounting system ensures stability when you need it most–and heavy-duty hardware comes standard in every corner so your truck stays safe while pulling big loads or pushing yourself back onto the firm ground after an adventure out there.

Built like a tank, the Rebel Off Road Summit bumper provides you with long-lasting durability and functionality. Take it for example when we talk about its features:

A huge J Romanson style winch on board; rock guard protection around vital parts of your vehicle such as oil filter area or steering gearbox tunnel which are all susceptible to damage during off-road terrains– even if they’re not specified in this particular model’s specs sheet!

And there are also heavy-duty ball joints.

Build Quality and Design

I’ve taken it through some tough situations and it hasn’t let me down yet! It’s durable, reliable – even when weighed down by my own truck on occasion (it gets pretty heavy).

These bumpers are powder-coated steel so they’ll hold up well against anything you can throw at them from dirt roads or snow-covered mountain tops without any problems whatsoever; not bad for an affordable price either considering how much these things cost brand new off shelves today.

When I laid eyes on this thing for the first time, it hit me like a ton of bricks that these are not your average beers. The quality construction is immediately apparent and speaks volumes about what they stand for in their product – design excellence through high-end manufacturing practices.

The Rebel Off Road Summit Bumper has such strong features including its compact size which isn’t just because there’s nothing left to vet behind but also shows how much thought went into making sure you’re protecting everything necessary without overdoing things or taking away any versatility when dealing with obstacles.

Rebel Off Road has made some serious performance innovations in its compact bumpers. I use the 35-inch version, but if you want to go really wild and put on some 40s there’s no problem with this bumper!

The mounting for my winch was also genius — it can handle any amount of abuse because they’ve recessed it so much from view which is important when working outside your vehicle or possibly being hit by another truck without warning.

Off-road riders will appreciate this feature, as it keeps their center of gravity lower. Improved airflow and cooling make the difference between being just a little faster on long stretches or winning races with ease!


The heavy-duty bumper comes with all of the hardware needed to install it, and there’s no cutting or modifications required.

This is thanks in part because Rebel Off-Road designed this accessory as a bolt-on which makes installation easy for anyone regardless if you have professional help from someone who knows what they’re doing!

The winch is an essential piece of equipment for any off-road vehicle, and Rebel Off Road made it even easier with its simple design.
You can drop in your own installation after putting on the Front Runner bumper!


The accessories I added to my Jeep include the WARN ZEON winch, two KC Gravity LED fog lights for low-level lighting when driving in rain and snow/ice.

Next on this list is GearAmerica’s Mega Shackles with 68000 pounds of capacity–they boast of being able to open or attach them easily by using one hand!

After those come another set from Warn which provides both 1-inch openings so you can fit large objects such as tree branches inside your exhaust system without damaging it while also having an epic Hawse Fairlead that has enough space around its opening.

The Rebel Off Road Summit bumper is undoubtedly heavier than its stock counterpart, weighing in at 133 pounds. But when you add the winch and all of your other equipment (including shackles for harnessing onboard power tools), that number jumps up to more than 220!

When installing everything onto my truck I wasn’t quite ready yet so instead of doing what seemed like an easy lift kit upgrade right away; With how much weight was being thrown around front end sag became apparent — Which prompted me to install TeraFlex leveling kits which brought everyone back into balance again without any work needed from myself – except just driving down some roads while enjoying life with new gear.

Pros & Cons

With all of these pros, it’s no surprise that many people are raving about the Rebel Off-Road bumper.

Its intelligent design helps you add accessories without hassle; its tough build quality leaves nothing to be desired (offering peace in knowing your car won’t get damaged easily).

And lastly but not least — considering how affordable the price is compared to other brands on sale–this product offers great value for money!

In the end, I’m happy with my Rebel Off Road Summit bumper. It has more than proven its worth on all of our adventures and will continue to do so in future ones too!

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