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Ro water purifier- its pros and cons

The present days are completely affected by the chemicals and impurities; the level of pollution is very high as the application of some of the technology in some areas. For example, the air is polluted highly from the smoke discharged from vehicles and industries, the water and land are polluted by the chemical applied in the farmland and from the waste from the companies. Even rain water is not in the purest since there are more chances for the acid rain.

In this condition, it is not the best chance to consume the water as it is from the tap. To make water good for drinking the best possible way can be using of some water purifier; one of the water purifiers is the Reverse Osmosis and here is all about RO water purifier and their advantages and disadvantages.

What is an RO water purifier?

Reverse Osmosis is the water purification technology that uses a partially permeable membrane and that removes the ions larger particles and some unwanted molecules and make the water fit for consuming.

It is the best treatment for treating the hard water and to remove the dissolved materials, contamination and other microorganisms present in the water and makes them good for drinking. The best RO water purifier will have a semi-permeable membrane that helps to remove the slat present in the water. With those, the membrane will also remove arsenic, nitrates, sodium, lead, copper and some organic chemicals as well. In the process, the hard water is converted into software water and they become the right one for the consumption. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of such RO water purifier.

Advantages of RO water purifier

  • One of the main advantages of RO water purifier is that it is the basic solution for treating the drinking water.
  • RO water purifier will help in the reduction of the entire toxin present in water like Fluoride, Arsenic, Chlorine, Lead, and Mercury that causes some disorder for the human and to fall sick. As the serious effect when consuming water with the presence of lead on a regular basis there is also some danger to be affected by brain damage and anemia as well.
  • Other important advantages of the RO water purifier is that there are chances for the removing cryptosporidium in lake, river and public water and make them fit for drinking.
  • When the TDS level is high, the only water purifier that can be highly suitable for the purification process will be the RO water purifier.

Disadvantages of RO water purifier

When there are some advantages in anything there are also some disadvantages present in them. Likewise, here are the disadvantages that are present in the RO water purifier.

  • It eliminated the required minerals: In the water that is supplied for drinking, there are some minerals that are required for drinking. There are certain that is more important and when they are let in to in the RO water purifier, with the impurities the required minerals also be filtered and the drinking water will lose the required minerals.
  • The taste of the water will be altered: As the result of removing the natural minerals, the water automatically become de-mineralized and there be some change in the taste of the water.
  • Bacteria and virus will be retained: During treating water in the RO the problem causing bacteria and virus will not be removed. There are more chances for these bacteria and virus to pass through the membrane of the RO.
  • Expensive: The best Ro water purifier is costly and also they will require a huge amount of electricity for functioning.
  • Takes more time: The time to purify the waste is too long in the process of RO water purifier.
  • Time to find the service time is quite harder: The RO comes with membranes and as the water applied on them contained chlorine there are chances for damage in the membrane. You will have the symptoms only after they become serious. So to avoid them you should be checking them periodically.

With the best RO water purifier, it is possible to remove the unwanted chemicals and also the other contaminations present in the water. This serves the key reason for using them in most of the homes. when you are buying a product have a complete analysis on the products, know their pros and cons and then compare them with your nature of living and other needs to decide to buy the product. Only this can help you highly in the proper usage of the product.

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