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Slintel 20m in detail The Capital Economic Times

A financial expert’s job is to advise on how to use capital for the growth of an organization, as well as techniques and resources.This is what the Slintel 20m capitaleconomictimes is all about. The focus of the slintel 20m series is to assist instructors and show the basic financial aspects. Its basic move is to provide guidance about how the capital and obligation proportions work and how they are utilized. Then it goes on for certain intriguing activities that show you the fundamentals of capital and obligation.
The company ensures that their systems will be such that they can deal with the exceptional requirements of their clients. After dealing with the pandemic and coming up with different solutions, it has helped us and others to bloom again with the same enthusiasm.

Approximately 20m SlintelCaptial Economic Times

GGV Capital recently invested $20 million in Slintel as a recent funding, which the organisation is using to improve its overall growth and ability to cater to more customers in the industry.The organisation was established in 2000 by Jixun Foo, Jenny Lee, Hans Tung, Glenn Solomon, Eric Xu, and Jeff Richards in Menlo Park, California, US base camp. It is one of the live examples of an inventive approach in the right direction by a few people having the same vision. Slintel gives deals and marketing intelligence to its clients around the world. They really have proved themselves to be in a position and with the intellect that benefits new businesses and significant organisations in a very focused and personalised way.

The hard work of the company

Mountain View, a startup from California, US, has shown development in their business even while combating the coronavirus pandemic. The organisation actually takes care of business, covering all the aspects that are important for its growth like endeavour programming, gaming, training, and pharma. One can say that the ascent of pharma, the rise in gaming, and online instructional materials assisted with making a push. It was a difficult task to make it happen and open the business in the midst of the pandemic.However, Slintel sees the situation as a go by problem and focuses on the arc of influence, which can be worked on by promoting and supporting the development of Mountain View.

B2B buyers more digital than ever

B2B buyers have become more digital than ever, and buyer intelligence has taken over from the online approach. It is estimated by the organisation that by 2025, 80% of all B2B buying will happen on digital channels. Slintel guides the go-to-market teams to understand where the potential buyers have reached, what their difficulties are, their approach towards the technology, and the availability of data to get a thorough view of the buyer.

The company announced that its revenue and customer base have grown by huge numbers in the last 12 months. Buying intent is the fastest-growing category in the $24 billion sales and marketing intelligence industry, and Slintel is one of the fastest-growing companies in this industry.

With the funding through GGV Capital, the company aspires to be at the top of this category. The Slintel team has delightfully welcomed Hans Tung as its newest board member and is looking forward to deepening their solution to power-use cases across different GTM functions.

Hans Tung is the Managing Partner of 20m Series Capitaleconomictimes.

Hans Tung, Managing Partner at GGV Capital, was ranked at #3 in Forbes’ prestigious Midas List this year for the strides he made in the strategic investment landscape in 2020. They also accepted that, with the global pandemic changing the way companies operate, B2B transactions have gone more digital than ever before. “Slintel is guiding and helping companies to rise up by helping them re-imagine their entire sales process for today’s environment.”


Slintel was founded in 2018 when Deepak Anchala and Rahul Bhattacharya discovered that sales organisations needed to re-imagine their processes in order to achieve better efficiency and scale faster. Identifying companies using traditional, beaten-down parameters such as territory, size, industry, or similar companies is an inefficient undertaking that costs marketing and sales professionals valuable time, resources, and effort. To handle this, they came up with a platform that uncovers various forms of buying intelligence to make the process of identifying high-intent prospects much simpler, more intuitive, and completely data-driven. Slintel gives customers information about upcoming contract renewals, companies that show signs of buying their products online, or companies that use the products of their competitors. The startup said it captures 100 million data points each week to build sales recommendations for its customers.

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