Tennis Sponsorships: Ace or Fault?

Tennis Sponsorships

Oh! The game of Tennis… From the quirky terminologies used in the game to the companies lining up for Tennis sponsorship, there is an entire court to cover!

Over the years, major sporting events have been a source of entertainment for the viewers and a drive for the players. Additionally, it has also become a vital feature of sponsorship in global business. Today, when we look at sports, it is hard to disconnect sponsorship from these events. 

From the jerseys of the players to their tennis gears, everything is bombarded with sponsorships. And, rightly so! These sporting events have become a viable source of generating revenue for the companies. With eyeballs glued to the television in the wake of a Grand Slam for example, it becomes an automaticsponsorship choice for the companies to make.

The sponsorship scenario is not limited to a particular sport. All sports teams and players have great sponsorship deals.But our focus is on Tennis sponsorships. So, let’s get in the court and find out more!

The Big Question: What Role does Tennis Sponsorship Play?

Well, before we dive straight into the world of Tennis, let’s take a step back and understand what sponsorship is all about.

In simple words, sponsors are generally referred to as companies or brands that endorse their products/services through players. In return, players are compensated financially. The players use this product during sporting events, and make television appearances, feature in commercials, do print shoots, etc. For instance, if a brand sponsors a tennis player, the player promotes and endorses the product, which could be anything from apparel, gears to accessories. 

Without a doubt, sports sponsorships help the brand to build and grow consumer-based gender equity. A sense of trust develops in people’s minds when a successful player who commands respect promotes the brand. Additionally, the players can benefit personally, as these deals can build their image, and get them signed with different associations. 

Does Tennis Sponsorship Help Players?

Well, this question has no straight answer. It depends on the level of the players, as well as their standing in their game. Tennis sponsorship can be of greater value professionally to amateur players who are new to the game rather than experienced players. Tennis is an expensive sport right from the apparel and shoes to the gears. All of these  demand quite a bit of money, and being sponsored does make a huge difference in the lives of the players. Brands like Nike, Lotto, Adidas, FILA, and Lacoste are among the top five apparel brands leading the game of Tennis sponsorship. Needless to say, both the players and the brands are benefitting from the deals.

The Need for Sponsorship Agreement for Tennis Players

Sponsorship agreements are concord between the players and the brand/company. Legal contracts for a certain period bind them. The sponsorship agreement can occur between the sports team and the company, or with individual players. Usually, the higher the player ranks, the higher will be the number of companies willing to sponsor them. And rightly so! It means better exposure for the brands, leading them to make more money out of the player’s brand image.

Why is a Sponsorship Agreement Necessary for Tennis players?

A sponsorship agreement is necessary for the tennis players as it will protect the rights and interests of the players and the companies as well. An agreement ascertains that the “game of sponsorship” is played within the field and that there is no fault in the game. Also, when there is an agreement for a specific period, it gives the liberty to both the players and the brands to decide whether to reinstate the contract or terminate it, depending on the outcome of the sponsorships. Moreover, agreements can help determine the brand’s expectations from the players, and whether it is in the comfort zone of the tennis players.

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