The Best Gaming Headsets

I lie motionless in the grass, patient, finger on the trigger, unpredictable, and wearing a camouflaged suit that makes me one with the Earth. I have but under a minute to move to a safe zone. I use my scope to scour the edges of the horizon over the hill, just in case I get to see someone I can pop. At this point, a gaming headset could do a lot of things for me, the least of which is letting me filter out the sound of a coming vehicle from behind – likely to floor me in my sniping position.

You know what, I am supposedto hear that vehicle a mile away.

This is a story all gamers can relate.The sound of footsteps around the corner? Of a compressed weapon coughing a bullet? Of online chatter of your friend, likely to give away his position? Of the metal of a grenade or a flashbang making this disturbing “clink” with the ground?

No matter how minuscule the sound may be, it scales for a gamer. It could be his next kill, his next assist. Not going to dwell too much on the gamer lingo, but to cut a long story short,having a quality sound system could be the best thing to happen to a gamer, next to having a quality graphics card (or a big-time console).

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, Counter Strike, Rainbow Six Siege, etc. are the top trending games of today. Far Cry 5 and the likes are the top trending offline. With games like these cracking the surface of the world of gaming, we aren’t going to run low on developers.But what’s going to matter is how comfortable we are likely to feel sitting in the same spot for hours on end.

Would you want to feel bad afterwards?

Of course not.

How about your ears? Do they feel hurt, “pressed”, disfigured after a gaming session because of the “oh, not so comfortable” designs of your headset? And all for the bad sound quality that doesn’t let you differentiate between a silenced weapon and a bird in the distance?

That must be horrifying.

This is exactly why I have listed out the best gaming headsets in 2018. Some of them might look a little pricey, but after buying that 1080Ti, you must be able to sacrifice a lot for gaming.

Here’s what the headsets are measured against:

  • Sound quality. If not for better sound quality, you might as well be gaming without a headset at all.
  • Value for money.Five hundred dollars for just the sleek design? That’s a bit too much, given the sound quality is not good.
  • Comfort. This is a major criterion. While gaming, it is“beingcomfortable”that determines part of how you don’t get irritated, angry, and how you are always a good sport.
  • Design. This always comes off as the bonus. If your headset can offer the best performance, comfort, value for money, and all the while making you feel like you are some guy from Mission Impossible, then why not feel great for that?
  1. SteelSeries Arctis 7

This is agreed to by most critics as the most comfortable headset that a gamer can ask for. It is completely lightweight, and when it comes to sound quality, it certainly makes a mark.

It can be inputted via USB and 3.5mm inputs, thus offering wide platform compatibility.

And as if that’s not enough, the Arctis 7 is wireless, and experts agree this is special in the way it can offer much more quality than other wireless headsets that lag in the transmission of signals.

A true choice for a gamer, this gaming headset is available at $150.

  1. HyperX Cloud Alpha

With an aluminium frame that makes the headset considerably light – and “high quality” plastered right across its killer design, HyperX Cloud Alpha has its own reign in the gaming industry.

Although the style and the slick design of Arctis 7 would quite casually topple Alpha, the closed back design of the latter comes in quite handy when it comes to isolating gaming signals from external noises.

The ear-cups are made up of memory forms, which, by definition, are able to mark and complement the dents of your ears, so as to make it really comfortable to just listen and not worry about other things.

And then comes the matter of the price.

This particular headset retails at $100. It provides an incredible value for money, given its additional feature of a mic that you can use to stream your gameplays.

How about that?

  1. Corsair HS50

Okay, let’s talk about guys like me. I love gaming, and I literally spend hours on it. But I can’t afford a top-notch headset that costs 100 or 200+ dollars (!). But I really need a new one that I can buywithout being required to literally spend tons on it.

So, what do I do?

I buy an all-black Corsair HS50 headset, with its sleek mic.

And why do I buy particularly that?

Because it is available for just $48, which, in itself is a big relief for me; and the balanced sound quality comes quite as a bonus package.

The super plush, faux-leather cups are sure to maintain the way of comfort I need, and that’s nothing to say about the value for money I received in the first place.

  1. Astro A50 Wireless

The first time I saw the picture of this gaming headset on the internet, I imagined myself wearing this, and hence the ultra-coolness that came with its amazing looks.
To start it off, Astro has a sound sensitivity of about 118 Decibels. Gamers pledge this is enough to give you the best gaming experience ever.

Being wireless, it has an accelerometer that keeps the headset informed of when you are using it and when you are not – hence giving it a 15-hour battery life (I heard this and went “wow”).

And about comfort and design – well, you must know where the rest of the total $383 dollars went while developing (the price is the main reason this headset is this far down the list).

  1. Asus ROG Centurion 7.1


So let’s just, for a moment forget that this behemoth is bulky, and is slightly uncomfortable.

But then, it is noise-cancelling to the extent that over 90% of the external noise can be reduced completely. And it is said to provide the best playback audio quality.

Isn’t that every gamer’s dream?

The major drawback of this is utilizing its fullest sound potentials might harm your inner ears, because its surround sound is one of the best in the world. And maybe they are heavy too, but remember, if you think nothing matters other than having the richest gaming experience you can get, don’t second-guess and go straight for it.

And while you do, don’t forget to take $270 with you.

Final Words

Although most primal headsets are going to do the trick for you, the aforementioned list is tailored to suit your finest gaming experience ever. As a gamer myself, I would demand my headset to be able to cancelout all externalnoises and distractions.

And whatever it is you are looking for… why are you still waiting?

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