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The Ideal Technical SEO Checklist for You

Are you looking for an ideal technical SEO checklist that can help you fix all the errors of your website? Here you go. We will give you a perfect checklist that will cover all the details you need to get more audience. Most of you must have already used a lot of strategies to outgrow your competitors, but if all that is not working for you, don’t panic. Maybe you are missing a very simple single step that is causing issues.

Here, you will get to know all the important strategies that you need to succeed as a website owner. SEO is not as complicated as most people think; at the same time, it is not as easy as it seems. It would be best if you made efficient and consistent efforts in the right direction to get the best results. SEO Company India gives its services to other people to help them achieve their goals in the SEO market.

Let’s move towards the checklist.

Keyword difficulty

Are you among those people who think they can rank their website using every keyword they could find? The answer is NO. It is a truth that keywords play a central role in the ranking of any website, but at the same time, planning is also essential. Before using keywords, find out some data regarding its results. Some keywords have high competition; avoid using them. Always use low competition keywords.

It is hard to hear, but it is a fact that new websites struggle to rank. In this case, if you use keywords that already have a lot of competition, it will become next to impossible for you to rank. The best practice is to choose keywords wisely than find out their difficulty level, volume and CPC. After that, use them in your content but don’t overdo it. Use these words where necessary. Don’t push yourself too hard to fit them in the context. It will harm you despite giving benefits.

Thus, go wisely with your keyword’s choice and their use. Using appropriate keywords is essential for the base of your website.


HTTPS plays a very prominent role in the ranking of a website. You should check if you are using it or not. If you want to check it, look at the URL bar of your browser. It will be confirmed that you are using HTTPS to see a padlock there. If you cannot see it, you are still not using HTTPS. Any excuse for not using HTTPS doesn’t matter. It is necessary for your site, and you should do it.

Crawl errors

Google search console is so efficient in finding all the crawl errors on your website. Crawl errors are one of the most harmful things for your website because they decrease your views. People get frustrated very quickly due to these errors occurring again and again.
Check your website and fix every crawl error you find. Don’t compromise on these kinds of errors because they have the most drastic effects on your website.

Speed of your site

Technology is changing with every passing day, due to which people also got used to it. They want to do more in less time. In this situation, if your site has a really low loading speed, then there is no doubt that you will lose a lot of views just because of your site’s poor loading speed.
Google has also said that sites with incredible high loading speed are more likely to rank than those with poor speed. You should check the loading speed of your site. If it is good enough, that’s perfect, but fix it right away if you find it slow. Don’t waste time thinking. Just do it, and you will see clear results.

Mobile-friendly site

Is your website mobile-friendly? If not, then you are going to suffer to get views. Many people perfect using mobiles over other gadgets. In this case, if your site is not mobile-friendly, the viewer will face problems that will lead to his frustration and anger, and finally, he will leave the site.
I know that’s sad to hear and see, but you can avoid it by making your website mobile-friendly. You should ensure that your website works perfectly no matter what gadget your viewer uses.

Broken links

Your site can suffer badly from broken links. Anyone would frustrate if they click on a link and don’t reach the page they expected to view. This will harm the authenticity of your website.
Audit your website and find out whether you have any broken links. Any links that do not exist anymore or have vanished with time remove them. You can also replace your old links with new ones. Just make sure that your user has a good experience on your website. It is what that matters.

Structured data

Structuring your data is also a significant step to increase your rank position. Search engines, especially Google, is very structured site, and it values other structured sites too.
Check your website that if you are using a specific structure content or not. Google does not support any grammar mistakes and copy content. Avoid it.
Make a proper structure for your website and follow it on every page. It gives symmetry and value to your website.

Page depth

Check for the page depth of your site. Ideally, your page should be three clicks deep. More than three clicks to reach that page is unsuitable for your site. Viewers do not like clicking many times to go to their desired page. They do not appreciate it.
That’s why it is always recommended that three clicks are more than enough. If you have any pages on your site that take more than three clicks to be reached, immediately shift the term to minimum clicks.


This is the most common yet ideal SEO checklist. This will help you to improve your site and its optimization. This is helpful for a beginner as well. They can also follow it, and it will help them increase their ranking.

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