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The Latest Innovations in Electrical Power Industrial Cables 

Fast-growing populations and rising infrastructure worldwide has seen a worldwide demand for wires and cables. Now, more than ever, there is a need for high-speed data transmissions, reliable power supply, and bandwidth connections. Suppliers have their work cut out for them when developing innovative power cables that meet industry requirements and keep up with urbanisation. 

That doesn’t mean that they aren’t cut out for the job though as the market size for wire and cable manufacturing was estimated at £2.1 billion in 2022. This is only expected to increase as more government funding is put into renewable energy generation and green practices. 

Here are just a few of the latest innovations in electrical power cables that are shaping industry advancements. Every entry in this list is constantly under development and improving to keep up with industry evolutions.

Fast electric vehicle charging 

The electric vehicle (EV) market is booming in the UK right now, with EV sales increasing by 40% and making up 16.6% of all new car sales. As more and more of us start turning to greener driving, power cables are needed to accommodate charging needs. 

Electrical cables like these from RS are designed to accommodate single-phase and three-phase charging for a wide variety of vehicles. As EVs become more developed, larger cables are needed to transfer more current but in smaller amounts of time. 

Digitalised world 

In the era of remote working, there has never been a greater need for efficient internet connection and power cables are what get households connected. There were 66.11 million internet users in the UK at the start of 2023 and this is set to keep expanding as our reliance on it grows. 

The electrical cables used to transmit data are made up of materials such as copper, aluminium, and fibre optic strands. This is for faster connections over long distances and results. Examples of these cables include USB Type-C, which allows for faster data transfer, and HDMI cables which are capable of transmitting over 4K video signals. 

Use of renewable energy 

Governments across the world have set ambitious green energy goals as we move towards reducing our reliance on fossil fuels. The technology now available is impressive, including the installation of wind turbines, solar farms, and other renewable energy equipment. In order to transport power and the maintenance of this technology, electrical power cables are required. 

These need to be highly durable as it is likely that they will be utilised under the seafloor or within large bodies of water. As the world’s demand for green energy sources grows, a massive expansion of renewable energy infrastructure will be needed and the power cables play an important role in this. 

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