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Tik Tok memes of Old Granny

In today’s world, it is very hard to find someone who has not used or viewed Tik Tok memes or some of the rib-tickling videos of Old Grannies. Tik Tok has become immensely popular and many social media users have become addicted to these platforms.

Why do people use Tik Tok?

There are several reasons for using TikTok.
● Using these platforms people can convey their thoughts through their content and posting regular videos made them very popular and earned them names and fame.
● For many social media users, Tik Tok is the platform for uploading videos with intriguing music played in the background. The music option is offered by Tik Tok.
● The quality of videos varies, some are entertaining while some are boring.
● Those who have not used this platform in the past, feel insignificant and unrelatable. But, the majority find it exciting, interesting, and sensational.

Old granny was not the only individual to make a TikTok account in the beginning. It was her grandson who created an account and used her in making his videos to gain popularity. As time passed, people started watching her videos and started showing love to her more than her grandson. By this time, they felt the need to make an official account of old granny from where they could post memes.

Granny mimics different memes that are available on the internet in simple languages. Even though she is from China, she posts her videos in English. Granny is loved by people from all over the world and the account of her followers is in the millions on TikTok. Granny is not very old on the internet but within a short time she gained immense popularity and she became the best granny on TikTok.

Reasons for her popularity

Many reasons lead to Granny’s success.

● Granny’s TikTok videos bring relief and are a source of entertainment to many in this harsh world. Amidst all the sadness and suffering her videos made everyone laugh and made them feel lighter and relieved.
● Granny took this opportunity that came on her way to make people laugh and showed the world that even though she is 94 years old, she could bring relief to the world.
● Even though she is 94 years old, she looks much younger than many Chinese old people who don’t look their age.
● She is still making videos with her grandson and making people’s heads turn toward her.

How are Granny’s videos different from others?

Granny’s unique videos stand apart from the rest, where photographic scenes are included. Such videos are harmful to children. Also, the usual comedy videos sometimes become monotonous which adds no charm and lacks any element of laughter. On the other hand, Granny’s simple comic videos are very entertaining and have the potential to make everyone laugh.

Granny’s fans are head over heels in love with her and claim that she is a new sensation in the Tik Tok family. Her comics are unique and innocuous. Her comedy videos are hilarious and interesting for which people are quitting the regular videos and becoming her fan.

There is no age bar on TikTok

Granny has proved to the world that age is just a number and even at this age you can make others happy. There are many young tik tokers whose videos are not as appealing as Granny’s. Her millions of followers on TikTok show that there is no age limit in making people laugh and make them happy. It also proves that if you have the zeal in achieving something, you can do it.

An inspiration to many

Granny has inspired many and has shown that even a simple video can make you distinct from others when your next-door neighbour doesn’t even recognize you. She encouraged many old women to come forward and prove themselves. And she also made the world understand that even old people have the potential to give something to the world.

Granny remained the same even after gaining popularity and this showed her etiquette and culture. If you become an egoist, then your fall is evident and people start disliking you. But Granny remained the same human as before which made her more loved by everyone. Her millions of followers prove her popularity amongst the youths and others. People look forward to more videos of Granny’s.


The videos of old grannies have become a sensation on social media. Granny has not limited herself only to TikTok but she also hunts on Google. People also search for old grannies videos on Google and find them very exciting and amusing. People are also inquisitive about her whereabouts, why, and how she became so popular. But one thing needs to be mentioned, Granny is gifted and blessed to spread laughter and joy even at this age.

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