Top 10 Signs You Are Having A Stroke

brain stroke

A brain stroke is also called a “brain attack” because of its similarity to a heart attack. Most of the time, the flow of blood to the brain is blocked in a blood vessel by some kind of obstruction. It is a sudden attack on the brain. 

The block in the blood vessel is often started by a fatty deposit around the walls. If a blood clot is present in the blood vessel, then the blood flow is completely blocked. If the blood clots are formed in other parts of the body, then they can also circulate towards the brain to cause a stroke. 87% of the strokes are caused by blood clots and these types of strokes are called ischemic strokes. 

It is very important to know the signs of a stroke before it happens. You can avoid the possibility of a disability from this debilitating disorder by understanding the causing factors. Here you can learn about the top risk factors of stroke and how to reduce it:

1. Weakness

You can experience a lack of strength in the leg, arm, or face as symptoms of brain stroke. Doing simple tasks can also get very difficult. You may feel like lying down or sitting and your face may be bending downwards.

2. Trouble Speaking

Another symptom of brain stroke is that you may not be able to speak clearly. It may feel like your tongue is slipping. Even if you try to speak, people may not be able to understand your words or sentences. In such cases, you have to visit the casualty wing of a hospital immediately. 

3. Blurred Vision

You may have trouble with your eyesight or your vision may become blurred in one eye or both eyes. If you rub or squint your eye more often and are not able to read properly, then you should immediately visit a doctor for a check-up.

4. Dizziness or a Feeling of Fainting

One of the symptoms of brain stroke is feeling that your head is spinning, light-headedness or dizzy. 

When this happens, you may hold your head or your movement may not be steady.

5. Lack of Body Balance and Coordination

If you are having difficulty in moving, walking, or standing, then it means you have lost your body coordination. It may seem like you are under the influence of alcohol and body movement will be clumsy. You may lose your sense of balance and you may have to hold on to something stationary to stay upright.

6. Pain and Sensitivity in Head

You may experience severe and sudden pain in the neck, scalp, or head such as a headache. It can even happen to someone with no history of headache and known cause. Some people may also feel sensitive to light. They may rub their temple and touch their head a lot of times.

7. Difficulty in Understanding

During the beginning days of stroke, you may take a lot of time to comprehend anything such as numbers, language, or speech. If you are having difficulty understanding, then you may feel unsteady, talk less, shake your head, and wrinkle your eyebrows.

8. Unable to Think Clearly or Focus Properly

You may be unable to think clearly or understand, which is also a symptom of a brain stroke. With this symptom, you cannot focus properly and your face may look puzzled due to confusion.

9. Difficulty in Making Decisions

When you are confused and unable to focus, you will have a hard time making even simple decisions. 

10. Numbness in Face & Different Body Parts

Numbness means not being able to feel the body parts. A person with brain stroke symptoms may not feel their face, legs, arms, feet, hands, and other parts of the body. Sometimes, there will be a tingling sensation along with numbness. Most of the time, numbness or paralysis will be on one side of the body, either right or left and the other half will be completely functional. A person with numbness may shake, massage, or touch the numb areas more often.

How to Prevent Brain Stroke?

You can prevent brain stroke by taking the following precautions:

1. Limited Alcohol

Your blood pressure can increase if you consume too much alcohol, which is a cause of brain stroke.

2. Avoid Smoking

Alcohol is a big risk of brain stroke, so avoid smoking.

3. Physical Activities

Regular exercise helps in maintaining healthy body weight, blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

4. Healthy Weight

Unhealthy weight can increase the chances of stroke.

5. Healthy Diet

Eat lots of vegetables and fruits. Reduce intake of food with cholesterol, trans fat, and saturated fat.

Brain stroke is a very dangerous condition. If you happen to see any sign discussed above, don’t delay any further – consult a doctor immediately for a timely diagnosis. If reports declare that you are hit by stroke then look for the best stroke treatment.

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