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Top 5 Artificial Intelligence Jobs: A Beginner’s Guide

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has contributed to some of the most revolutionary inventions of this century. AI developers have taken the world by storm through robotics, disease mapping, and smart assistants. Moreover, Artificial Intelligence has increased the number of jobs exponentially.

AI has impacted every possible industry across the globe. Companies will invest around 125 billion dollars in AI software by 2025. In addition to healthcare and computers, education and agriculture also utilize the services of AI. Furthermore, organizations are gradually switching to a digital route. As a result, the demand for AI engineers and analysts is skyrocketing.

However, those are not the only jobs this sector has to offer. After completing Artificial Intelligence certification courses, you can build your job profile in many related fields. Aside from machine learning (ML), there are various options in the IT and AI sectors. Here we discuss the qualifications required to apply for them and their prospects.

Data Scientist

A data scientist who has completed Artificial intelligence training earns an average of $74,401 per year. The pay will increase with your experience and qualification. Furthermore, some companies provide medical insurance coverage, pension schemes, and bonuses.

Qualifications and skills required

A bachelor’s degree in any of the following subjects will be helpful:
● Computer science
● Mathematics
● Statistics
Apart from the AI certification, you should be fluent in Python, SQL, C++, and Java. Likewise, you should have database designing and coding skills.

Salary and prospects

A data scientist who has completed Artificial intelligence training earns an average of $74,401 per year. The pay will increase with your experience and qualification. Furthermore, some companies provide medical insurances, pension schemes, and bonuses.

Currently, the telecom sector, oil and gas companies, and transportation sector actively recruit data scientists.

Machine Learning (ML) Engineer

Machine learning engineers design algorithms and oversee that programs can take action without any help from humans. Correspondingly, they analyze data structures and use ML tools. They frequently work with AI developers to modify current models and research trends. ML engineer was ranked the best job in the US.

Qualifications and skills required

The prerequisites required to be a machine learning engineer include an undergraduate degree in statistics, mathematics, software engineering, or any AI certification course. However, employers prefer a Master’s or a Ph.D. in machine learning, neural networks, or deep learning.

You should also have data science skills and knowledge to code Python, JavaScript, and Scala. Additionally, it would help if you practice software development IDE tools (IntelliJ, Eclipse).

Salary and prospects

The base salary of an ML engineer with AI certification is $130,850 per year.
Companies like Google, Facebook, iRobot, and eBay readily hire ML engineers. Furthermore, the technology sector and medical firms employ ML engineers.

Business Intelligence Developer

A Business Intelligence (BI) developer uses data analytics and intelligence software to research and interpret data. Moreover, BI developers create tools and present data for an organization. You will help a company in boosting its profit while maintaining complex data. As a result, they will pay you generously.

Qualifications and skills required

To apply as a BI developer, you require a bachelor’s degree in either of the following.
● Information technology
● Mathematics
● Business intelligence
● Software development

Furthermore, you should know computer software like HTML, Oracle, Microsoft SQL, and Azure. Apart from the technical skills, you need to demonstrate strong interpersonal and problem-solving skills.

Regardless of the hard skills, getting a Master’s degree can qualify you for a higher ranking job. Combined with Artificial Intelligence certification courses, you can apply for better positions in any sector.

Salary and prospects

BI developers can start earning $93,096 annually if they also complete AI training.
Business intelligence and AI developers work in various industries and sectors. Additionally, they collaborate with ML engineers and researchers.

AI Engineers

Artificial intelligence engineers build, develop, program, and train AI models. Prior to designing, they utilize ML algorithms to obtain business insight. Moreover, they conduct statistical analysis and interpret the obtained data, thus helping the company’s understanding.

Qualifications and skills required

You need a bachelor’s degree in a related field to be employed. However, you can increase your chances of being hired by pursuing a Master’s in information technology, statistics, computer science, or mathematics.

Additionally, one should have analytical and mathematical skills. You should know programming languages like C++, Java, and Python.

Salary and prospects

The average salary for AI engineers is $136,829 per year.
Industries that hire engineers with Artificial intelligence training span various sectors like automobiles and medicine. Since most organizations are modernizing, there is a limitless demand for AI engineers.

Research scientists

Research scientists have expertise in various fields of AI. They design graphic models, write codes, and use ML tools to run experiments. Furthermore, they develop techniques and complete the prototypes.
Qualifications and skills required

To be employed as a research scientist, you need a Master’s or Ph.D. in computer science, statistics, mathematics, or any STEM subject. Additionally, AI training and courses can increase your chances of getting hired.
You should also know how to work with C++, Python, PyTorch, and Tensorflow.

Salary and prospects

The average base salary of a research scientist is $79,293 per year.
Research scientists are the most sought-after employees in the IT sector. Moreover, when an established firm hires them, they enjoy paid medical and dental insurance, among other benefits.


Artificial Intelligence is the fastest growing sector currently. It will continue to expand at a compound annual growth rate of 40.2%. The AI sector employs millions of STEM graduates. The prerequisite is a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field for most jobs. However, graduates from non-IT-related subjects can complete AI certification courses to seek a profession in this sector.

AI jobs are considered the most rewarding in terms of salary and other benefits.
To sum up, one can choose a career in AI as it is one of the most promising choices.

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