What are the Benefits of Having a Manufacturing Company in Texas?

The manufacturing sector in Texas is extraordinary, and it is continuing to grow every single day. Texas has resources that have made it a leader in petroleum, chemical, high-tech, and automotive manufacturing among others. It’s nice to know there are a good number of prospects to choose from. Therefore, the state has many businesses that are currently thriving. So, if you are considering starting a manufacturing business in Texas, then you will enjoy the following benefits.

The advanced transport infrastructure

Texas is huge and has a central location, which makes it a big hub for local and international air, ground, and ocean shipping. In addition, it has a huge supply chain of interstate highways, airports, railways, and seaports. For instance, it has over 313,000 miles of public roads, 382 airports, 539 miles of a freight trains, and 16 seaports. The highly developed transport sector enables the exportation of products. These types of advanced manufacturing and labor are important to keep everything moving in a timely manner.

There are tax benefits.

Businesses can enjoy different types of tax benefits at the local and state level. For instance, the state does not have any personal income or corporate tax, which means it is one of the very few states which have an extremely low tax burden. In addition, Texas provides a wide range of tax exemption programs for both small and medium-sized enterprises. For instance, businesses in the manufacturing industry can enjoy the sales tax exemption benefit, which is available on machinery and equipment. The sales tax exemption benefit is also available on software and materials for Research and Development (R&D). Moreover, businesses and entrepreneurs can also benefit from the franchise tax exemption which is accessible to the manufacturers, sellers, and installers of solar energy devices or equipment. Other tax benefits for businesses in Texas include personal property exemption, property tax abatements, Research & Development tax credit, and Freeport exemption among others.

There are simple state regulations.

The state has very simple business laws that enable companies and entrepreneurs to comply with the state without needing help from third parties. Therefore, the simplified guidelines allow businesses to grow easily and steadily. This is beneficial to those who want to start a business promptly. With all the rules and regulations, certain details can get lost or muddled. With it a bit more simplified, companies can get an overview of the details and be able to jump right in.

There is a very diverse and supportive business community.

There are very many enterprises and start-ups in Texas. Therefore, people who are just starting their small businesses can enjoy strong support from the community. In addition, new business owners can branch out to existing businesses and get more customers. It’s a great incentive that gets people to work together instead of against one another. Starting a business can be competitive, which is daunting to first-time business owners. But knowing that your business is within a good community takes the pressure off.

There is a big pool of talented labor.

There are more than fourteen million people who are working in Texas. Thus, Texas is popularly known to have the second-largest civilian labor force in the United States. Therefore, if you are starting a business in the state, you will find many skilled and talented people that you can employ to work for you. In addition, Texas has a younger labor pool compared to the other states. This means that business owners in Texas have workers who can help their businesses to grow now and in the future.


Texas has a very business-friendly and conducive environment that can support advanced manufacturing businesses. In addition, Texas has an advanced transport infrastructure, tax benefits, a very supportive business community, and a big pool of labor, all of which can make a business thrive in that location. With this setup, Texas has created a great incentive to encourage those who can start businesses within their state. This will not only boost the economy but encourage more people to set out of their comfort zone and work on something they’ve wanted to do.

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