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Why did Hyper Scape flopped?

Hyper Scape was launched to all platforms on August 11, 2020, with great interest following a successful advertising campaign ahead of the PC beta test launch in July 2020.

Game developer Ubisoft promised an interactive experience that other Battle Royale games did not come close to and many more or less famous gamers posted game videos on Twitch regularly. Which further diluted the hype.

Hyperscape was a new variant in the battle royale genre with a focus on speed and constant movement.

Unusually, Hyper Scape is a Battle Royale with a lot of vertical movement thanks to jump pads that make rooftops as accessible as streets and squares. This in combination with the fast movements gives a refreshing feeling of speed and fan. This feels much faster than any other game of this type. The game’s vertically affected environment and the fast pace all contribute to fast and fun battles. But this, in turn, means that the new player needs significantly more time to learn how to play in the right way. You will die often and quickly the first few times you play Hyper Scape. It is far from everyone who has that patience, you just want to start the game and play, fully aware of how to play. Hyper Scape is not possible.

This futuristic battle royale game is dying slowly but surely, and its decline may well share a pattern repeated by other games that are free to play.

Matchmaking before marches takes up to twenty minutes and in the lobby where you wait, up to 60 players can wait, but there are rarely more than 13 players.

One would think that Hyperscape would attract many interested players and viewers. On paper, this game looks great. Before the game was launched, the hype was extremely large at least abroad. Not many here in Sweden have even heard of Hyper Scape.

What happened here?

One reason is the lack of interest in a supersaturated genre. I still have fun playing Hyper Scape but I think people are just tired of battle royale games in general.

This game is also aimed at both casual gamers and hardcore gamers and it is not compatible with each other.

A big problem is that Hyper Scape is too difficult for casual players who mostly only play games as temporary entertainment when you have some time left over. The hardcore players who are more on an almost professional level already have their favourite games that they have already spent time and money on so they often do not want to switch to something else. It has gone much better for Rogue Company, which is another battle royale game and was launched at about the same time as Hyper Scape, but that game is in many ways a regular battle royale game and thus becomes easier to learn. Lots of new games are launched every year and with so many games constantly fighting for our attention and playing time, it is obvious that some have to flop.

The year before the launch, the hype and Hyper Scape was supposed to be the next big game. The game that everyone wants to play and it seemed to be becoming a potential big competitor for games like Fortnite, Apex Legends and Call OF Duty Warzone. Hyper Scape offered a whole new format of the popular battle royale games. With an elegant sci-fi environment, fast movements and unique features such as Echo systems and Hacks.

In the Echo System, players who die in the game “Echos” and can still spy, participate in the team and even with the help of teammates respawn return to the match. This creates an incentive for players to stay in the match even after they have died and still feel that they are in the match.

Instead of just looking for and picking up the best weapon, you can pick up multiple copies of the same weapon or item to improve it with benefits such as more damage, faster cooling, and a larger magazine size.

Despite its solid appearance, smart upgrade systems and embrace of verticality, Hyper Scape fights to keep interested in the game up.

Its fast-paced action and scenes rich in verticality and hotspots are without a doubt its biggest advantages.

Hyper Scape has a layout equipped with several special functions that give it a unique feeling, even in such a competitive landscape as battle royale games, but has nevertheless never been a major success. Rather the opposite. The game is about to die and the only thing that could save it is if Ubisoft continues to work on improving the game and at the same time invest money in much-needed marketing so that more people know about Hyper Scape. Very few people in the world know that the game even exists.

Virtually every game developer struggles to produce the next Fortnite, PUBG or Call Of Duty but is completely unaware of what actually makes these games entertaining and addictive and thus one fails.

Despite the failure of Hyper Scape, Ubisoft has continued to invest in developing battle royale games and recently presented, for example, Ghost Recon Frontline, a game whose beta test for PC was withdrawn after massive criticism from fans of the game series Ghost Recon.

They are also working on developing the battle royale game XDefiant which has received mixed reviews.
Hyper Scape is available for free download on PC, Playstation and Xbox. Choose your platform and join the Crown Rush before it’s too late.

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