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Why is Phuket a Popular Destination for Digital Nomads?

Since the start of the Covid pandemic, many employees work from home, while a growing portion of the working population run their own businesses. Digital technology makes it possible for many to work remotely and working from home can easily turn to remotely working in Phuket, which is what many people choose. 

What is a digital nomad? 

This new breed of entrepreneur can manage their business online, all they need is a laptop and a stable Internet connection; a good example would be the e-commerce business, a single entrepreneur manages their shopping cart website and sales are forwarded to their logistics provider, who fulfils the orders. If you look at meeting rooms in Phuket, you can see many expats who network together while in Thailand. You might run a brokerage business, which means you don’t have to be in an office, or you can manage a team of front and back-end developers from your laptop.

Low cost of living

Of course, the cost-of-living in Thailand is significantly lower than Europe or the US and who doesn’t like to save money? When you can live like a king for around half of what you usually pay, it makes total sense to live in a country where things are cheap. Accommodation is cheaper if you live in a rural area, although you might struggle to get a stable Internet connection in very remote areas.

Nationwide Internet access

Thailand has better Internet connectivity than some so-called developed countries and what’s more it is inexpensive. Simply apply for an unlimited data SIM card for your smartphone and you can hotspot your laptop, which means you have access wherever you might be in Thailand. This would cost you less than $50 per month for unlimited 24/7 access to the web. If you are a crypto trader, here are a few tips to boost your performance.

Tropical paradise

What’s not to like about being beachside in tropical Thailand? No more dreading the freezing winters, as you lounge by the pool drinking your favourite cocktail. Even the winter is warm in Thailand, especially Phuket, where the temperature never goes below 18C. If you have never been to Thailand, why not take a 3-week holiday to check out this unique nation? Most people fall hopelessly in love with the enchanting Thai way of life and if you are not tied to a location regarding work, relocating to Thailand seems like a wise move. It is worth noting that a foreign tourist can claim VAT on purchases made in the country.

When you take everything into account, it is not hard to understand why so many digital nomads spend most of their time in the Land of Smiles and let’s face it, if you worked remotely, you would be joining the many digital nomads that manage their businesses online. You could return home in the summer to see family and friends and before the mercury drops, fly back to your pool villa in Phuket.

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