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World’s Most Adventerous Places that attract tourist for Vacation

Do you travel adventures places around the World? Yeah, but which ones? One of those that will remain in your heart forever, in which to measure yourself against yourself and who makes your friends left at the home die of envy? Great, they have what you need! Follow us on this tour to discover the 20 Adventure Travels around the World. They take you among countries with a thousand-year history, deserts, breathtaking landscapes, and incredible boundaries, from the north to the south of the World. Are you ready to go?

The World is truly vast, and there are so many lands to explore: that’s why in this guide, they introduce you to many places for truly unique world adventure places to travels.

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Safari in Tanzania

Plains as far as your eye can see and endless horizons, exciting colors, and fauna so varied that even the most experienced of you will be amazing: you are in Tanzania, a natural paradise of rare beauty, an ideal place for a holiday full of adventure and travel. they offer you a safari, which will make you better discover, more than any other formula, this incredible boundary: from Kilimanjaro to the north, which stands out over the neighboring savannah with its almost 6,000 m high and six perennial flurries of snow, up to the Ngorongoro parks. , Tarangire and Manyara, passing through the bong yo island. What to add? Have a good trip!

Safari in Kenya

Let’s move now to another fascinating territory, where some areas’ wild and unspoiled Nature blends perfectly with avant-garde cities full of entertainment. They also recommend a safari here that can safely show you wonderful animals within their natural habitat. Don’t miss Amboseli National Park, but don’t miss out on the gorgeous beaches on the Indian Ocean, especially Diani Beach, with its fine white sand and lush palm groves. A paradise. Among the cities, you must make a trip to Nairobi, the capital, but if you have other days available, also think of Mombasa, you will thank us for the advice!

Road trip to Cuba

Cuba is a mix of ancient traditions, crystal clear sea, and incredible cities, and the best way to explore it is through an adventurous road trip designed according to your needs. However, they tell you right away. Some stops are essential: start from the capital, Havana, and enjoy its overwhelming rhythm, made up of music and people’s smiles. Then continue with Trinidad, a splendid colonial city full of history and colors, and finally enjoy Varadero, one of the most beautiful Caribbean beaches in the World! And then explore, get lost in the car: destiny will take you where you need to pass at that moment, to take home beautiful memories!

Cherry blossom in Japan

From one part of the World to the other: they fly to Japan, wonderful land that offers the visitor truly enchanting views during the cherry blossom period. So choose spring to visit the Land of the Rising Sun: admire the contrast of pink flowers with the snow-capped peaks of Fuji and enjoy the sophisticated welcome, made up of many rituals, of this cheerful and refined people. And don’t forget to satisfy your palate as well, remembering that Japan is not just sushi: try tempura, ramen, sashimi, and so forth! Enjoy your meal!

Aurora Borealis in Iceland

Suppose there is a land that immediately makes us think of Nature, of a nature that dominates unchallenged and uncontaminated. In that case, that is Iceland, a land of ice and fires, volcanoes, and geysers. A land where the sky and the earth interact more than in any other place: eyes upwards, therefore, to enjoy the splendid northern lights, particularly visible in autumn and winter nights. Bring your camera, but just for a shot or two, to take home a photo to look at in a few years: for the rest, hug whoever is with you and enjoy the show.

Passage to India

Wonderful India, with its scents and millenary traditions, the colors and the cheerful frenzy of people, cows, sometimes painted elephants and cars in the street: the atmosphere is unique in the World, make sure to arrive prepared for all this and start the tour from Mumbai and Delhi, the capital, where you will be stunned by a decadent charm in which the contrasts between extreme wealth and misery are truly under the eyes of even the most distracted visitor. Even Agra you should include in your trip: Here awaits one of the seven wonders of the World, the Taj Mahal. If you want to enjoy an authentic atmosphere, go to any market, while if you want to get closer to India’s past, culture, and spirituality, choose Rajasthan. In this north-western region, local history has its deepest roots. And finally, a jump on the sacred banks of the Ganges: you will feel like you are in another dimension!

Burma tour

Burma is a magical land, and you’ll love the first trip: Mingun, the royal city, and Mandalay are two unmissable stages, but also the area Bagan, with its numerous temples, is a show that is worth living, both from ‘high, perhaps with a balloon flight, either by bike or with local three-wheeled taxis. The Inle Lake is the perfect place to admire the floating gardens and villages on stilts, while the bridge U Bein is the perfect peri play of light if you love taking photos. Myanmar knows to kidnap the heart with its contradictions and its indescribable charm. Leave immediately!

Between beaches and baobabs in Madagascar

Immersed in the Indian Ocean, Madagascar is divided into five macro geographical areas, which. They recommend you to see all. Start with the north and the archipelago of Nosy Be and Diego Suarez, and then explore the highlands of Madagascar: here, take a trip to Antananarivo, the capital. The plains to the east and the pristine beaches of the island of Sainte Marie are areas very popular with tourism and the great rainforests, rich in flora and fauna. To the south extends the region of deserts while to the west you cannot miss the region of the baobabs, typical of the island. Yes, you will need several days, but the tour will be so exciting that you will never want to leave.

A dream weekend in Marrakech

A city full of voices, this is Marrakech if you had to define it in very few words: it is no coincidence that its main square, Jemaa el Fna, is a Unesco Oral and Intangible Heritage, with its snake charmers and storytellers, who will make you imagine distant and beautiful worlds. Choose your riad among the many that are in the city, possibly inside the Medina, to fully enjoy the dualism of this incredible city, as frantic and lively among the streets and in the souk, as relaxing and elegant in the riads, where you will be given a princely welcome.

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