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5 Most Common LG Refrigerator Problems and their Solutions


LG has an impressive brand reputation that is difficult to match in high-end quality refrigerators. LG has been producing highly durable products for over 50 years, which means you can be confident in the refrigeration systems it offers. But this does not mean that their refrigerators aren’t susceptible to issues. In the end, something could go wrong with any branded fridge, particularly when often used. Here is a list of the five common issues of LG Refrigerators and their solutions:

Faulty Start Relay

Suppose your LG refrigerator’s start relay isn’t functioning correctly. In that case, it could prevent the compressor from working efficiently. The test to check the fault with your ‘start relay’ can be conducted from the bottom of the component by accessing the rear panel. Find the relay unit and then utilize a multimeter to examine it for continuity. If there’s any discontinuity, then the relay has to be replaced.

LG offers practical home solutions and its appliances are crafted to look sleek and innovative. But in rare cases, you might need help to fix minor issues by manually resetting the control panel on the refrigerator. For other problems, you can rely on the pointers discussed above. If you are delaying the purchase of your favorite LG refrigerators due to budget constraints, then we are here to help. Keep reading to discover more.

A faulty compressor

The compressor in a fridge is designed to perform in a certain way; its purpose is to ensure that the refrigeration system can function efficiently and keep the food in a good and fresh condition. The compressor is essential to the proper functioning of any refrigerator. It is also the main reason for improper working or failures that could lead to several problems, such as the LG refrigerator remaining too warm or not cooling as intended.

The compressors are usually found in the bottom or back of the refrigerators. It is possible to test a fridge compressor by taking off the back panel and observing whether there is a sound or not. If you don’t hear a sound from your refrigerator, there might be a different issue that you can get diagnosed with the help of a professional technician.

Dirty Condenser Coils

The condensing coils are an essential component of the refrigeration system. They are responsible for taking away the heat from the refrigerator’s interior, which results in cool air. Cool air is then circulated through the LG refrigerator while hot air is pushed out through the unique vents.

Suppose your refrigerator isn’t maintaining the set temperature, and you’ve verified that it’s not due to any primary or user error; it could be due to the dirt on the coils or a malfunction in the condenser unit.

Ensure that the power plug is unplugged and the water line is disconnected from your refrigerator. It is necessary to take out the condenser to access the coils. The condenser unit is removed by taking off the screws located at the back of your refrigerator and then pulling it out. Take a closer look at the coils in the condenser unit; if dirty, scrub them using compressed air or a hard scrubber and dry them thoroughly before reconnecting the water pipes. If your problem still exists then the last option is to buy the latest refrigerator from Bajaj EMI Store.


Faulty Condenser Motor

If your LG refrigerator is making strange noises or doesn’t seem to cool the stored products, you should examine your condenser coils to see if something is obstructing the movement of the fan’s blades. Any interference could result in less airflow or prevent them from spinning correctly, causing your freezer and refrigerator from functioning normally. Some common indications include the LG refrigerator getting too warm, food not tasting as good, or increased energy costs.

If you’ve noticed any of these problems, then you might need to change your old condenser motor. If your fridge is running into issues with the condenser motor”, an experienced technician will be able to replace the motor for you.

Evaporator Fan Motor

The evaporator fan of your LG refrigerator is responsible for circulating cold air from your freezer to the fridge. If you observe a messy accumulation of dust or debris in front of the fans, then your refrigerator might not be cooling as intended. The fan cleans itself by spinning in a continuous closed-loop; however, a blockage can happen when it gets filled with too much dust. 

Get rid of any sticky build-ups using a vacuum cleaner, and then check to ensure that your motor is operating smoothly. Ensure that the refrigerator’s winding and evaporator motor are correctly connected using the multimeter. Also, confirm that the cooling motor is reconnected to the coils of the evaporator unit and verify continuity between the two connections. If the cooling unit is not functioning, you’ll need to replace it by purchasing a new cooling motor. It is advisable to replace both components simultaneously since changing one part alone might not solve the issue.

The Smart way of Purchasing the Brand New LG Refrigerator

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