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Chadar trek A Perfect Detailed Guide

Chadar journey is one of the most gutsy trips on the plane. It offers a thrilling and the best chance to explore an amazing new world. This detailed guide will help you to beat all the while trekking through the frozen Zanskar valley.During winter the Zanskar valley freezes and journeying devotees will arrive at this district to appreciate climbing. The chadar trek holds many surprises and breathtaking scenes.Which draws in sightseers and adventurers from everywhere the world.

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Why Chadar trek?

Trekking is the best way to relieve oneself of the worries of their life. Adventure excitement, and undertaking tough challenges may help you to overcome your tensions. Treks need to face the toughest of challenges, overcome through chilly weather and trails, and sleep in caves during this expedition. This trek holds the secret of nature and Himalayan Beauty and enables a person to enjoy the fascinating beauty of the snow and city of Leh.
This guide to the Chadar trek is very important for those ready to face the hardest conditions and take up the challenge. The excitement of walking on ice and climbing the rocks is matchless.

The best time

January and February is the perfect time to do the chadar trek. During this time the river freezes into a sheet of ice and the surroundings are clad in snow presenting a white trail for hiking, so it’s just the right time to \set out on this wonderful and adventurous trek. The morning sun rays of the sun, snow-clad mountain peaks, and all your way will be a breathtaking view to watch and the trek is incomplete without being able to enjoy such stunning beauty. The frozen river trek and landscapes are the most rewarding part of this trek. However, the summer attracts a large number of water sports enthusiasts.

The difficulty of the Chadar trek

This trek is the most difficult and challenging trek in the country. The only route to access the Zanskar valley is through the frozen ice sheets of the Zanskar river. All passes are shut down due to snowfall and the only route is the frozen Zanskar river. The temperature is extremely low during the daytime and uncomfortably freezing during the nighttime. Trekkers must be prepared for facing varying temperatures and harsh camping conditions.The trekkers need to climb icy rocks and boulders and cover the trails on foot. All people should come prepared with the warmest jackets, sleeping bags and shoes, the nights are spent in caves near the frozen river. Each one of you must be prepared mentally and physically for the challenges.

Chadar trek Itinerary

The journey begins in New Delhi, the trekkers travel to Leh. Followed by a visit to nearby monasteries or any local festival. Third, you will be taken to Phyang , Liker, and Alchi for sightseeing. On the fourth day, you will travel from Leh to chilling to Zaribago. Night camp at Zaribago and proceed to the next destination in the morning. On the fifth day, you will travel to Deepyokma, which is a four-hour trek. You will spend the beautiful evening here and the next day i.e, on the Sixth day you will trek to Nyrakpulu. The next day trek for one hour from Nyrakpulunto Lingshed. Spend your eighth day here by relaxing and sightseeing. On the 10th day, you will be journey across the cold environmental factors of Linghshed. After spending a day here you trek on for four hours to Tomopaldar. On the next day, you move from Tsomopaldar. on day twelve you are transported back from Leh to New Delhi.

Things to carry

• Trekking boots, stream crossing sandals
• Water bottles
• Fleece jackets
• Raincoats
• Insulating gloves
• Sunscreen and body lotion
• Personal medications
• First aid kit
• Toilet paper, sanitizers
• Emergency food items like biscuits.

The rest of the items will be arranged by your tour package.

Plan a cost-effective trek

Planning is very important if you are planning to do a trek. You will need to plan such as the time of the program, choice of the route, select route type, capability and experience of your team member, plan for food, medicines, calculation of budget, etc. by making a proper plan you can cut down a lot of unnecessary expenses. Prepare a checklist and prepare the list. Also before heading out do research on the destination, geographical and climate conditions, and important things you need to carry.

So plan your trekking to the beautiful land of chadar trek with these guide details.

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