Reasons Why Criminal Background Verification Should Be a Constant in Your Routine On-Boarding Procedure

In today’s increasingly competitive business environment, it is paramount for organizations to conduct comprehensive criminal background verification. While it is crucial to consider experience and expertise when hiring, it is equally essential to conduct background checks on the potential recruit. This way, businesses can comply with regulations, avoid exorbitant hiring claims, mitigate potential risks, and make well-informed employment decisions.

One bad hire can prove to be a threat to the organization’s wellbeing, business reputation, occupation execution, and capability. The more you know about your potential recruits, the sounder your hiring decisions will be. Here are a few reasons why more and more organizations are employing criminal record checks in their routine hiring process.

Disclose Misrepresentations and Fabrications in Resumes

Often, job applicants exaggerate their educational qualifications, misrepresent employment history, and may even attempt to conceal their criminal record. Background screenings offer a reliable means to assess claims made by applicants and help uncover any fabrications on resumes. 

A comprehensive criminal search during the recruitment process prevents undue risks and elevated hiring costs by revealing misrepresented information early on. Bringing an unqualified candidate on board can prove to be detrimental to the organization and expose your business to potential liability. 

Background checks ensure the employees are qualified for the jobs they hold and prevent legal, financial, and regulatory risks for the organization.

Safeguard Your Company from Frauds and Embezzlements

Failure to conduct a thorough criminal background verification before hiring can expose your organization to dishonest candidates. Conducting comprehensive background screenings ahead of new recruitments minimizes the chances of hiring individuals with a history of financial fraud and embezzlement. Organizations can avoid the risk of theft and execute beneficial hires based on background checks.

Mitigate Detrimental Negligent Hiring Risks 

Employers hold some accountability for the welfare and safety of their employees. Negligent hiring claims may arise if an employer hires an individual who harms or misbehaves with another employee or third party. The victim may hold the employer responsible for not conducting an adequate background check to assess the suitability of the new candidate. If this allegation is proven, the employer may be held liable for negligent hiring. 

Background verification can help avoid the reputational damage, liability, and steep costs a negligent hiring lawsuit entails. Employers can make intelligent and educated recruitment decisions through an efficient criminal background check as part of the screening program.

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