Top 10 Healthy Vegetables You Need To Add In Your Meal Today

Vegetables are the healthiest food and proper nutrition for our body and in daily routine we should sure add in our food, vegetables are very important for all the ages. vegetables are the essential part of a healthy diet. all over the world we having lots of variety of vegetables which having different benefits. sometimes many of us don’t know the quality of vegetable which we are going to use, many vegetables are work as herbs for different diseases. So let us see Top 10 Healthy Vegetables.


Spinach is the most healthiest leafy green vegetable which contains various health benefits, Spinach contains minerals, vitamins, pigments, and phytonutrients and including calcium, zinc, magnesium and potassium.

Spinach the green leafy vegetable is a source of vitamins like folate, niacin, vitamin A, vitamin B6, vitamin C, vitamin K. Spinach contains T very low in calories and have fatless content. Spinach helps to our mentally and physically growth in many ways, reduce inflammation, help with fetal development, improve eyesight, help to protect our skin, it is a source of proteins for growth of infant, relive symptoms of Hemophilia.


Carrot is good source of nutrition it improve our eyesight, even not improve only it also prevent the disease related with eye disease.

Carrot is one of the most effective source of getting glowing skin, it reduces bad skin and improve glowing skin, it boost immune system maintain digestion.

Carrot is the main source of balance blood sugar and blood pressure also prevent cancer, totally it cleans our body and helps in heart related issues.


Mushroom is most famous and likely diet in our lives, mushroom is not exactly a vegetable and fruit but it’s a fungus used in different ways like vegetables. it is full source of minerals and vitamins, with regular used it can help to our body in many dificiency, Mushroom maintain a healthy red blood cell count, and help boost cell prevent to be aneamic and keeps our bones strong it keeps our skin and hair healthy maintain blood pressure and blood sugar.


Cabbge is a healthy vegetable, cabbage found in different colors in all over the world it is used in many recipies, it improves digesetion, prevent cancer, cabbage is also useful for improvement of eyesight, it improve immunity system of our body and useful for weightloss, cabbage is good for alsar disease and prevent heart related issue.

Cabbage includes vitamin c in proper amount, ccabbage is useful in diabeties and maintain bloodpressure, cholestrol level and skin related diseases.


beetroot are the main source of iron and it is low in calories, sit contains most of the minerals and vitamins which our body needs. it prevents high blood pressure now a days there is a main cause of death is heart related issues like heart attack, heart blockage and stroke beetroots is very beneficial vegetable for heart and blood pressure both.

Beetroot improves immunity system and remove anemia or increase blood level in body, beetroot support in our brain growth also have some anti-cancer properties.


Tomato is very likely vegetable in the world , can say without tomato many most of the vegetables will b tasteless, tomato can be used in cooking form or in raw form tomato is used as vegetable and salad too.

tomato contains Vitamin C, tomatoes supply vitamin A, which supports to improve our immunity system, help in improving eye vision, and most effective in skin related diseases, tomato is full of vitamin K, which is good for your bones health, and potassium, most important it nutrient for heart function, muscle contractions, and also maintaining a healthy blood pressure.


Broccoli contains in huge amount of minerals, vitamins and fiber, it helps to our body growth in physically and brain development. Broccoli is excellent source of Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin K, Vitamin B9 ( folate), potassium, phosphorous and proteins.

Broccoli helps to prevent blood sugar and balance blood pressure, improve digestion and reduce constipation, it support in dental health. makes our bones healthy and joints too.

Green peas:

Green peas is the source of Lutein is an antioxidant which makes eyes cells healthy.

peas is the excellent source of protein which help us to increase appetite and it help to improve digestion, helps to prevent cancer and in regular use weight can be loose. it is also very healthy for pregnant lady to keep immunity stronger.


Onion is most favorite part of any dishes, it is used in many ways its depend on the taste of the person, it can used as in vegetable and it is used as raw onion as salad, most dishes is incomplete without onion. in many disease it helps like a medicine, to prevent cough and cold symptoms, it contains detoxifying properties, able to prevent cancer disease and improve immunity.

Onion helps in regulate of blood sugar because onion is the source of chromium, chromium is also present in this root vegetable. it helps in skin and hair health folate in onion is also help from depression and appetite.


Garlic is used in food , it is most likely for its aroma and flavor worldwide. Garlic is also used as medicine in all over the world. it is used in heart related issue, in blood sugar and blood pressure too. it controls high cholesterol by making blood thin.

it contains in decent amount of potassium, iron, calcium, copper, phosphorus and vitamin B1. it helps to prevent Alzheimer disease and dementia. with garlic supplement athletics performance can be improve.

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