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What is a Seattle Dedicated server? Its benefits & How to secure your server?

In Today’s age, business owners and entrepreneurs find new ways to expand their businesses. Website is one of the most important to expand your online business all around the world. Website help to generate more revenue, reach more customers and market your business. Lots of different types of server hosting solutions are available to host your online business website.

But in starting, small business, or learning purpose, you can host your site with shared, cloud, and VPS. Here, the interesting thing is that a Seattle dedicated server is also available to host your website. Because a dedicated server gives you more resources, more features, more benefits than shared, cloud, and VPS.
So, read this article till the end to know about dedicated servers and their benefits. And also read How you can secure your server?

Definition Of Seattle Dedicated server

To get a dedicated server we use hardware equipment, physical computer, and internet connectivity. And this server is dedicated to a single website, it means resources no need to share with anyone.

Your business gets robust hardware equipment or a secure and fast internet connection with a Seattle dedicated server. And you don’t share your power, bandwidth, resources, and IP address with other websites.

So, this will give you a high level of protection, high speed, maximum uptime, distinct IP address, backups, and full root access.

Two types of the dedicated server are available to use

Managed & Unmanaged Dedicated server

A managed server provided by a hosting provider company in Seattle. But in an unmanaged dedicated server, all of the server resources and features are managed by you.

Selecting an unmanaged dedicated server is more expansive than a managed dedicated server. And both provide the same resources.

How to Secure a Dedicated server:

To protect your files you get DDoS protection, backup facility, data encryption, and more. Here, I write more tips for securing your website.

Login Credentials:

When you get a Seattle dedicated server from a server provider company, it’s important to change your login password. A default password can increase your risk of hacking. Follow these guidelines to secure your server:

● Use random numbers
● Keep changing your password in 2-3 months
● Use letters, numbers, and symbols
● Dont use the same password

Install DDoS Protection:

Malware and hackers send unusual traffic to your site. With this, your site can face server failure and unavailability. In case of server failure your site face issue like bad user experience, flooding your server with traffic, waste of hardware resources. So, install DDoS protection in your server to protect your server from unusual traffic.

The server provider company has already installed DDoS protection in your managed dedicated server.

Maintain Your Database

We cannot be neglected to maintain our data, files, and hardware. And keep updating our server features and security on a daily basis.
● Data useless data
● Minimize the importance of severe users
● Avoid interaction between database and customers

Update Security Features

Security updates are very important for every business to protect their file. Updated software help to protect your file from scammer’s new technology.
● Stay updated with the new version of the software
● use a reliable dedicated server

Data Backups

Data backups help to restore your files in case of deleting your database. If a hacker or scammer hack your website or delete your site then backup help to restore your file as it is.

Choose the best hosting provider:

If you host select the best hosting provider in Seattle. that gives you better security, high level of performance, IP address, robust hardware, high level of the processor, and the complete root-level access.

Benefits you get With Dedicated server:

● This is beneficial for big businesses, large industries, data analytics websites, SaaS websites.
● You do not require to share your resources with anyone else.
● You have full flexibility to choose hardware equipment like RAM, processor, storage, etc. You only pay for what you choose.
● You get a distinct IP address for your online website.
● They provide you high level of security like DDoS protection, backup, data encryption, and complete root access.
● You get high loading speed and optimal performance that help to provide a great user experience.
● Choose the best hosting provider to get the best dedicated server in Seattle. They give 24*7 technical support.distict


Let’s summarize all the articles and understand that securing a dedicated server is a very important concern for your online business. The best Dedicated server in Seattle give you robust processor power, a high level of security, a backup facility, better performance, better user experience, and full root access to manage the resources.

Here, i recommend you serverwala to get the best, reliable, affordable, and cheap dedicated server in Seattle. Also, provide 24*7 technical support and update your software regularly.

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