Know What Are QR Code Payments and How to Get Started

QR Code Payments

There’s a high chance that you use QR code payment almost regularly, or at least on a few occasions for sure. It’s no secret that most of today’s contactless economy is directly or otherwise enabled by this mode of payment. So let’s understand in simple terms what a QR code is and how it works!

What is a QR Code

Originally invented in Japan by an engineer named Masahiro Hara, QR Codes expand into Quick Response codes. The limited information storing ability of UPC barcodes led to the invention of QR codes. In addition, QR codes can hold close to 7,000 characters, making them ideal when information size is crucial.  

Another prominent feature that makes QR codes unique is their ability to be fast scanned. In addition to that, QR codes are a lot more damage resilient than barcodes and hence last way longer. In short, QR codes help process loads of information quickly and share it into significant bits at lightning-fast speeds. The entire process of using QR codes can be summed up in three words – scan and pay!

Now that we’ve learnt about the basics of QR codes, let’s get into how they work?

How do QR Codes Work?

The popularity of the indian upi apps mode lies in the way they work. Like barcodes, they too work similarly with a slight difference. QR codes carry encoded information, which is preserved in small squares. 

Every QR code has a black and white part that either signifies information or a function. The scanning machine or smartphone camera reads the QR code and converts it into legible, short information. 

There are majorly two kinds of QR codes – static and dynamic. The static ones have the data directly encrypted in the code, while dynamic ones are only a URL. 

Modern-Day Applications of QR Codes

From digital business cards, social media apps, packaging, healthcare, and so many other sectors, QR codes have been popular everywhere. When all you need to do is scan and pay, then their popularity is only apparent. QR codes are used to take you to a website, verify a login, send and accept payments, and lots more. 

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How to get the most cashback and discounts through Fave

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How to use Fave offers and cashback?

Fave features one of the most user-friendly, practical, and instantly responsive interfaces. Just follow the procedures given below, and start your cashback journey from the best deals and discounts app now!

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Things that make Fave the best cashback and discount provider online right now

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