Tips And Tricks To Keep A Bouquet Of Flowers Alive

Bacteria and fungi are two of the most common causes of floral fading. As a result, one of the most crucial aspects of keeping your flowers fresh is preventing these hazardous microorganisms. And it all begins with the vase. Whether you’re starting with a new vase or an old one, you should properly clean it before using it. When you clean a flower vase properly, you destroy any bacteria and fungi that could harm your new blooms.

Trim The Stems

Trim the ends of the stems regularly to ensure the flowers can absorb as much water as they require. When cutting the ends of the flower stems, use a sharp blade rather than scissors. A sharp blade will provide a clean end to the stem, whereas scissors will crush the end of the stem and prevent flowers from adequately absorbing water. It is preferable to cut the stems underwater rather than in the open air, as this prevents you from accidentally giving the flowers an air embolism. Air embolisms prohibit them from absorbing water as effectively as they can.

Provide Food

Blooms, like humans, require sustenance. You may buy a flower food packet or make your recipe to keep flowers fresher for longer. Acid components, sugar, and antibacterial agents are common constituents. By lowering the pH level, the acid helps to prolong wilting and increase the flower’s ability to absorb water. Lemons or powdered vitamin C are excellent sources of this nutrient. Meanwhile, sugar provides nutrition, while antibacterial properties keep harmful microbes at bay.

Remove Extra Leaves And Foliage

When somebody has sent you a bouquet of flowers online, remember to remove any additional leaves at the base of the stem that would likely rest under the waterline of the container before placing your cut flowers in a vase. Eliminating excess vegetation reduces germs in the water, allowing it to stay clear and clean for longer and free of aromas. This will also direct the flower’s vitality toward the main bloom, allowing it to live longer.

Add Apple Vinegar

Everyone wants to keep cut flowers as long as possible, and there are numerous ways to do so. Before adding the flowers, add two spoons of apple cider vinegar and two spoons of sugar to the vase water.

Keep Flowers Cool

Keep your bouquet of flowers away from sunlight to ensure that they live as long as possible. A vase full of flowers may seem lovely on top of a television set or entertainment center, but the heat generated by these things while in use will shorten the life of your blooms.

Cut The Stem At An Angle

After receiving a bouquet, trim the flower stems by one to two inches at a 45-degree angle with sharp scissors. Cutting the stems allows them to absorb more water, allowing the flowers to last longer. To ensure the longevity of the blossoms, repeat this technique every couple of days.

Keep Away from Drafts

While you may enjoy having flowers on a specific table, keep in mind where the air conditioner vents are located and whether or not there is a draught. The temperature has an enormous impact on how long flowers stay fresh, and most flower arrangements will last longer in a cooler environment. However, for our flower friends, there is a fine line between cool and frigid. If you detect a draught, you should take precautions and relocate them to a less windy location.

Pick The Vase Carefully

Although this may appear obvious to some, it makes a tremendous difference. Just because you were given online flowers delivery with long stems doesn’t mean you had to put them in a large vase. Instead, it would help if you concentrated on the blossoms. If the stems are bigger or heavier, clip them and place them in a low vase. Heavier blooms can spread out and support each other when they open; however, lighter flowers should be kept in a taller vase due to their fragility. Don’t overcrowd the vase; divide them into two bunches if all of the flowers don’t fit.

Remove The Dyed Stems

When changing the water, keep an eye out for stems that are starting to wilt. Taking out dying or drooping stems will help the rest of your bouquet last longer. Dying flowers will degrade in water and may infect other flowers. Furthermore, dying stems can begin to rot and emit a terrible odor, so it is advisable to remove tough stems to maintain your bouquet smelling pleasant and fresh.

Keep Away From Fruits

You may be tempted to make a decorative arrangement of fruit and flowers, but it is preferable to keep them separate. Some fruits, such as kiwi fruit, apples, and bananas, emit ethylene gas, which causes your gorgeous flowers to wilt, brown, and die faster.

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