Top 10 Hybrid Event Solutions

With the pandemic taking over the world, hybrid events have become highly popular among people in the events industry. The massive rise in the number of hybrid events indicates that the hybrid event platforms are here to stay for a long time. This has also led to the rise of multiple hybrid event platforms and selecting the best from among them can be quite intimidating. Therefore, this article will provide you with a list of the top 10 hybrid event platforms.


Dreamcast is one of the best virtual and hybrid event platforms. It is one of the few virtual event platforms that provide 100% customization. This platform is popular for its ability to turn your imagination into reality. It has dynamic 3D animation features for the attendees providing a real-like event experience. Dreamcast also supports 360-degree views making the attendees feel like they are attending a physical event. This platform also has advanced engagement features like clap and hoot emoticons, live polls, live chat, leaderboard, and gamification. It also provides a virtual photo booth that can help increase the engagement levels of the attendees. In addition to all this, the platform is very easy to navigate and use. Dreamcast is your best bet if you want to get a customized virtual event platform that allows you to customize the look and feel of the event. This platform also has a leaderboard feature to help keep the attendees engaged. Given below are its other notable features –

  • AI Matchmaking – AI matchmaking makes use of artificial intelligence to match the attendees with the right prospects based on their goals and interests. AI matchmaking will shape the future of the event industry.
  • Business Card Exchange – This feature allows the attendees to exchange their business cards with both the online and offline attendees.
  • Networking Tables – With Dreamcast, you can set up multiple networking tables to boost networking and engagement
  • Dynamic Banners – Dynamic banners feature allows you to display the brands and logos of multiple sponsors and promote them.
  • Gamification – Dreamcast has a library of pre-curated games and also allows you to add the game of your choice.
    Easy Navigation – Dreamcast hybrid event platform is fairly easy to navigate and easy to use.


SpotMe is a hybrid event solution provider that provides both virtual and hybrid event solutions. one of the most popular features of the SpotMe virtual event platform is that it is pretty easy to use. Moreover, it has seamless navigation making it a great experience for the attendees. This platform also allows you to customize the overall look and feel of the hybrid event. Moreover, it provides the organizers with a lot of engagement features like Q&A sessions, live polls, gamification, applause, 1:1 meetings. Some other salient features of SpotMe are –

  • Engagement Features – Similar to other virtual event platforms, it provides advanced features for engagement like gamification, live polls, and Q&A sessions.
  • Data Analytics – It allows you to track advanced attendee metrics and measure real-time analytics of your event performance.
  • 24×7 support – SpotMe provides 24×7 technical support to the organizer ensuring a smooth hybrid event process.


Similar to other platforms, Bizzabo is also a hybrid event solution provider that helps organize both hybrid and virtual events. It is also a popular platform for hosting successful virtual events. Given below are its other features –

  • Automation – It makes use of artificial intelligence to automate the event registration and booking process.
  • Engagement Features – Similar to other event platforms, Bizzabo also provides some engagement features to enhance the event performance.
  • Third-party Integration – It allows you to integrate third-party apps with its hybrid event platform.
  • Data Analytics – This platform also provides data analytics and reporting features to measure the performance of the event.


Swapcard is yet another online event platform that helps organizations host a hybrid event. It is recognized for its advanced technology-based features like AI matchmaking. Let’s have a look at its other features –

  • Easy registration – Its automation features make it easier for the organizers to manage attendee registration and bookings.
  • Engagement – The platform has advanced live streaming, live polls, and live chat features to boost engagement.
  • AI Matchmaking – AI matchmaking helps match the attendees with others based on their common interests and goals.


Hopin is a popular virtual event platform that helps companies organize hybrid events. One of its key features is that it is scalable. In other words, this platform can host hybrid events of any size and cater to their needs and requirements. The platform not only provides the sponsors with an opportunity to increase brand visibility but also provides better sponsorship opportunities to the organizers. Moreover, it has engagement features like gamification, live chats, live polls making it easier to establish an interactive environment. Furthermore, it helps the live attendees and the online attendees to interact with each other.


Airmeet is another virtual and hybrid event platform that can help you attract, amplify and convert the audience. It is also a highly scalable event platform and can host upto 100k attendees. One of its unique features is that it allows you to live-stream your virtual event on Facebook and YouTube. It makes data exchange easier with the help of its native integrations.


Vfairs is a very popular hybrid event platform. It recreates real-like experiences and has features like 3D animation and 360-degree views. It helps keep the audience engaged throughout the event. Similar to other platforms, Vfairs also has great engagement and data analytics features. Moreover, it allows third-party integration.


Starting as event registration and management, Cvent has now started providing hybrid event solutions. Just like others, this platform also provides an easy-to-use interface and boosts engagement. Moreover, it also provides great data analytics and measurement features.


Whova started as a mobile app has now started providing virtual event solutions. Its interface is user-friendly and allows pre-event scheduling. Additionally, it has engagement features and allows for the measurement of event ROI.


Socio provides an event app and integrated virtual event software. It allows you to customize a few aspects of your event and track the attendee metrics. Furthermore, it also provides attendee engagement features like gamification and leaderboard.

Final Words

Now that you are aware of the top 10 hybrid event platforms, you can match your requirements with their features and select the best one according to your needs.

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