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All About Getting a Spousal Visa for Canada

Spousal Visa for Canada

In the last few years, Canada has become one of the most inviting nations accepting immigrants from all over the world. Due to its progressive rules and regulations, individuals can easily migrate to Canada with their spouses. However, it is challenging to secure a spousal visa, especially if you make a mistake in your application or fail to assess the requirements correctly. 

This post will discuss these requirements and factors to improve your application to enhance your chances of securing a spouse visa in Canada.

What is a Spousal Visa in Canada?

Canadian citizens or Canada PR Visa Holder have the liberty to sponsor the visa for their spouse. The Spouse Sponsorship Program permits the spouse of the Canadian citizen to work and settle there permanently. 

This visa can be divided into two types:

●     Outland sponsorship: This kind can be chosen if the spouse or partner is staying outside the perimeters of the Canada border.

●     Inland Sponsorship: This kind can be chosen if the spouse resides in Canada. But, they are staying under a temporary visa.

You can choose the ideal pathway to secure a visa depending on your status. You can also partner with top consultants offering immigration services in India to streamline the entire process. 

The Time Needed to Get a Visa for Spouse in Canada:

Generally, the time required to apply and get such visas is twelve months. At times, it may take more than twelve months, depending on the situation. For express entry, the time can be less than twelve months. 


The requirements for spouse visa Canada are discussed below:

● The person sponsoring their spouse should either be a permanent resident or citizen of Canada.

● The spouse or partner in question should be at least eighteen years old.

● The person who is sponsoring plans to stay in Canada.

● They can take care of their financial needs for at least three years.

Certain documents that shall be required:

● Proof of marriage record

● Birth certificate

● Evidence that the two of them own some property together

● Bank account they share or some insurance

● Passport

Common-Law Sponsorships and Conjugal Relationships:

The Canadian Immigration Law perceives common-law relationships the same as conventional marriages. To be eligible, the couple has to prove that they have lived together for a few years. The requirements are given below:

● Information about relationship questionnaires.

● Birth certificate.

● Photo proof of the partner and the person concerned.

● Insurance or employment benefits which prove that you have stayed as partners.

● Evidence that the family or friends recognize the relationship.

Even common-law sponsorships take around twelve months. You can reach out to consultants offering immigration services in India to learn about the time period and other intricate details. 

A marital relationship, also under the Canadian Immigration Law, recognizes partners that are married. The evidence that the officers want to see are:

● A residence that they share.

● Proof that family and friends give legitimacy to their relationship.

● Shared bank accounts and economic property.

So, use the details outlined in the post to enhance your chances of getting a spouse visa in Canada.

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