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6 Windows Cleaner Apps that can Truly Optimize your Device

Excessive startup items and data storage decrease the overall performance of a computer or laptop. Although you can manually clear storage space and optimize your system to boost performance, the process is time-consuming. Alternatively, several tools available on the market can automate the process of cleaning large files and optimizing the system. 

Mac users can use CleanMyMac X because it is the best Mac cleaner and is highly recommended by experts. Other cleaners you can consider are DaisyDisk, Cleaner One Pro, and MacBooster. 

Windows users can go through this list of the top Windows cleaner apps and tune up their devices. 

  • CCleaner 

Piriform developed a multi-version system cleaner and named it CCleaner. The software cleans all the unnecessary junk files from the system, web browser, etc. Later, the software was acquired by Avast. 

The app’s standard version is free and offers standard cleaning functionalities to speed up the device. However, if you want to experience the ultimate power of automation, upgrade to CCleaner Professional version. It is a paid version with noteworthy features like standard cleaning, privacy protection, driver updater, keeping browsing history private, optimized system performance, etc. 

  • Cleaner One Pro Windows

If you seek an all-in-one desk cleaning application, check out Cleaner One Pro Windows. The software removes unnecessary and invalid files to free disk space.

The software quickly scans the PC and displays all the garbage files so you can choose which ones must be removed. Moreover, you can unlock advanced features by upgrading to the paid version of the app and accessing features like registry cleaner, application manager, startup manager, etc. 

  • iolo System Mechanic 

iolo System Mechanic is an application designed to optimize computer performance. It improved processing and Internet speed, along with enhancing the drive speed. Moreover, the software can help recover deleted files. 

The software has an inbuilt defense that can manage passwords and protect online privacy. Furthermore, you can expect improved graphics and enhanced download speed when using this app. 

The app’s features include performance enhancements, erasing the entire drive, blocking or removing malware, and reducing Internet bandwidth demands. 

  • Advanced SystemCare

Advanced SystemCare is free software that helps to optimize, clean, secure, and speed up Windows devices. In addition, the software fixes and cleans the registry of malware and helps optimize PC games. Moreover, it has an extensive driver database that allows users to update over 300,000 drivers. If you like the basic features of the free version, upgrade to the Pro version to unlock more features. 

Some features hailed by users include the app’s ability to protect emails and browsers and safeguard the system from viruses. The app can speed up your computer and provide an uninstaller to uninstall browser plugins and unwanted software quickly. Updating the drivers is safer with this app because there will be a secure HTTPS connection. 

With this software installed on your computer, you can be assured that there won’t be any malware when you update the software. 

  • AVG TuneUp

AVG TuneUp is excellent if you seek all-in-one Windows computer maintenance and cleaner software. The software is known to breathe life into systems as it boosts their performance and scrubs all corners of the browser and disk to free space. In addition, the app prevents freezes, bugs, and crashes so that your system functions smoothly. 

The advantages of using this app are:

  • It comes with an intuitive, intelligent software uninstaller that automatically detects unused and outdated programs to free space on the hard drive. 
  • It has an automatic maintenance tool that keeps computers optimized and tuned without users having to lift a finger. 
  • Updates software and programs in real-time to ensure everything is up-to-date. 

The software also has advanced features like the sleep mode technology that snoozes all the programs running in the background so they cannot consume memory and CPU. Thanks to this, you can run your current applications and programs efficiently. 

Try the app for free, and then you can upgrade to the premium version. 

  • CleanMyPC

CleanMyPC is an excellent software to help get your computer back into shape. Whether your system suffers from a fragmented hard drive or is bloated with excess junk files, this software comes to the rescue. The app comes with plugin management tools and a software uninstaller. 

Use the app to manage browser extensions and handle the lightweight installation. 

Although the app is lightweight, it has a user-friendly interface and packs a lot of performance. However, there’s no backup function, so you cannot recover anything once deleted. 

The Bottom Line 

These cleaner apps will bring your Windows computer or laptop back into shape. These will automatically eliminate the junk files and programs taking up storage space and prevent malware attacks. Most of them offer a trial version, so you can use the features and find out which best suits your needs. 

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