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What Shall We Buy And Play?

     Holidays are coming. Many gamers all over the world are waiting for discounts for games and not only games on different gaming platforms. Many gaming studios are trying to finish all their plans for this year. Many are trying to earn more money in the end because they have a plan on wasting them. So after a hard-working day, try to multiply your income by playing roulette casino games for real money. We are going to share some latest news from the gaming world. 


    Shower gel and deodorant are a standard set of gifts for all holidays for men. Nvidia understands this too. The company has announced a fun collaboration with the Lynx men’s hygiene brand, which is known as Ax in the CIS.

     The gift set includes deodorant, shower gel, and a laptop with an RTX 30 on board. Outwardly, the box can be a great prank – you won’t understand that they are giving you a laptop, and not a hygiene kit. On the bottom of the box is the inscription “Wash with RTX”.

ASUS TUF Dash F15 15.6 laptop with RTX 3050 included.

    Alas, you can only buy a set if it is resold. All boxes were released for a draw on social networks.

Total War: Warhammer 3 – Immortal Empires

       Creative Assembly summed up the results of the year and shared the statistics of the “Immortal Empires” mode from Total War: Warhammer 3. It turned out that, despite the diversity of races, gamers prefer to play for the Empire of people (about 630 thousand campaigns), the Northern provinces of Cathay (over 400 thousand campaigns ), and Archaon (over 360 thousand campaigns). The Legion of Shadows and the demons of Khorne were in fourth and fifth place in terms of popularity, but the developers did not provide their statistics. In total, 12,662,685 campaigns were played this year.

    Total War: Warhammer 3 is available on PC. To play the Immortal Empires mode, you need to own all three parts of the franchise, and a three-quel is enough to participate in the online campaign as a guest.

Halo 3

     The network has another leak that will delight fans of the Halo series. Especially those who love the original trilogy. Someone posted a build of Halo 3 Pimps at Sea that has a lot of cut content.

      To run it, you need a hacked version of the Xbox 360 or a console devkit, but you can also get acquainted with the materials in the video below. In them, you can see a cut-out rocket launcher, the mechanics of peeking around the corner, animations of the second part, and much more.

    In the comments to the videos, fans rejoice that this day has finally come. The name itself is a reference to Pimps At Sea, which Bungie announced back in 2001.

      It was supposed to be a strategy action game about pirate rappers. The game did not come out but became a real meme for studio fans, and until 2011 Bungie itself published updates on its development on April 1.

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