The most effective way to shake the 1st, 2nd, and 1.5 rounds

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In football betting, there are many different ways to play; shaking the first, second, and 1.5th halves is one of the ways that many players love to participate. So, what is the vibration and how do you beat it? Let’s find out together in the article below about online betting!

                   Introduction to the fundamentals of rafting?

Vibration, also known as “runnin’,” is a form of betting while the match is in progress. Players can choose at any time during the match to participate in shaking within about 90 minutes of the official competition.

Odds will be given by the bookmaker on the odds table; each different bookmaker will have different odds, and these odds will have certain fluctuations before the match takes place.

Vibration is the fastest way for players to regain their capital because, when playing, they only need to spend a small amount of bet capital but have the opportunity to collect extremely attractive bets.

       Instructions on how to shake the 1st, 2nd, and 1.5 rounds

match selection to run over

Should select matches with a fairly average or higher scoring rate and whose rankings are no more than seven steps apart, avoiding the top five above and the top three below.

Avoid branded matches, which are small, low-ranking tournaments with exceptional players.

Should you play handicaps like first-half handicap and second-half handicap, in addition to the main handicap?

Pay attention to the information related to the two teams before the ball is kicked to make accurate assessments.

                                  Shake the first round

When the match starts, rely on the following factors to shake up the first half:

  • The odds must remain stable for at least the first 11 minutes of the match. The odds of a draw remain stable for 5 minutes and can only be changed when entering the 10th minute.
  • Pay attention to the European handicap when it drops too quickly; if in the first 15 minutes this situation occurs, quickly choose the faint door. And if the European rafters keep a stable level for a long time, then rest assured that the battle will follow.

To be able to recognize the volatility of the odds, players should observe the game 2-3 times before officially participating.

                                How to shake round 2

After observing the first half, the second half will be easier to hit and more popular, so the odds will also be higher.

Choose dramatic matches to shake up the second half, especially if the upper door team is leading in the first half; the second half will be the time to counterattack and attack aggressively to find a goal.

Avoid friendly matches; teams often play to a tie.

The later the game becomes, the more intense it becomes, especially in the final minutes of the match, which is from the 80th minute onwards, because the chances of scoring are very high.

When the score is 1 – 0, 1 – 0,

When the top door leads by 1 table, the HT handicap must not be reduced but must remain stable for at least 5 minutes.

When the lower door leads to the first table, you must keep it above; if it drops, it will be dangerous.

     Experience shaking the 1st, 2nd, and 1.5 rounds effectively

The second half should be shaken after the first half has scored at least two goals.If the number of first-half goals is less than two, go with Over or wait for a difference of one.

It is recommended to shake in the last minutes of the match to increase the probability of winning.

Attention must be paid to the progress of the match in order to quickly grasp potential situations to shake in a timely and appropriate manner.

Choose the right match to shake; play selectively and scientifically; don’t blindly head into high-risk matches.


Above is a detailed guide on how to shake the 1st, 2nd and 1.5th halves. I hope it will help players when participating in football betting in this form. Besides, if you want to shake effectively and increase your chances of winning, you should refer to the above shaking experience, Good luck.

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