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Smart Guide to Solve the Problems that Arise in the RO Water Purifier System

In today’s World, the water purifier is one of the essential equipment that is mainly used to obtain purified water for drinking purpose. The water purifiers have the greater ability to eliminate the contaminants and provide pure water for you.

With the advanced technologies, there is a plethora of models in water purifier system these days. Some of the common types of water purifier are activated carbon filter purifier, RO water purifier, activated carbon filter purifier and so on. Among these models, RO water purifier is more popular as it offers more benefits to the users.

What is RO Water Purifier?

RO (Reverse Osmosis) is one of the water purification technology that makes use of the semipermeable membrane to wash out the ions, elements, and particles that are present in the tap water. The system that takes advantage of this technology is termed as RO water purifier in which several purification processes are carried out to provide the best water.

When is the Water Purifier Repaired?

Every home appliance is repaired in some situation that can be rectified when you follow some instructions. The continual usage of the RO system makes it worn out and leads to repair. It can be prevented often when they are maintained well.

The storage of the water purifier tanks is the major part that has to be cleaned at regular intervals to avoid the unpleasant taste of water. Here are some of the common problem that arises in the RO water purifier.

Best Solution to Solve the Problem that Arises in RO System

When your RO systems seem to be working improperly you can follow these guidelines. However, the best idea is to consult the RO repair services for better results.

Symptoms of the Repaired RO System

  • Doesn’t provide the water
  • Less flow through the faucet
  • Leaking in the faucet
  • Leaking membrane housing
  • Leaking of Pre or Post filter housing
  • Noise in the Faucet
  • Improper working of Icemaker
  • Milk-colored water or ice cubes
  • No water dispensing from the refrigerator door
  • Noise in Faucet or Drain

Improper Working of the Water Purifier

Sometimes, the RO water purifier doesn’t give a response to the user even when it is turned ON. There will be no sound in the system when the LED of the water purifier is switched ON. It is may be due to the defect in the power supply cable or the fault of PCB.
The transformer and the capacitors that are present in the RO water purifier gets damaged in the PCB resulting in the improper working. In such a case, you should change the cable or PCB for better performance.

Less Flow of Water

The flow of water is decreased in the fresh water tank of the RO system. It might be the presence of high TDS in the tap water or the choking of the filters. This problem occurs mostly in the rainy seasons and this problem gets resolved in 2 to 3 days thereby the flow of water is increased in the tank.

Noise or Drain in the RO System

Noise or Drain is one of the common problems that arise in the RO water purifier. This problem occurs during the water purifier installation or after replacing the filter cartridges.

The pushing out of the air in the RO system lead to the noise or drain in the faucet. In case if the noise is over you can straighten the tube or check the proper working of all parts in the RO system. If it continues, you can hire the best RO repair service for solving the problem.

Leakage in the Faucet

The leakage of water in the faucet is due to improper installation of the RO water system. So, you must identify the place where the water is leaked from and mostly it happens at the bottom of the RO purifier.

You have to tighten all the fitting parts and close the valves perfectly. If it doesn’t work well you have to undergo water purifier uninstallation and start assembling the parts again in the right manner.

Bad Taste or Odour in the Water

The worn out membranes and damaged filters are the main cause of bad taste or odor in the water. And so you have to remove the depleted components of the RO system and fix it with the best one. Now, you can able to get the original taste of water.

Vibration in RO Purifier

The vibration of water purifier is the problem that arises after changing the filter. These vibrations are termed as pressure differential vibration that occurs due to the creation of pressure in between the filters. This problem solves after 3 to 4 days and it doesn’t cause any damage to the water purifier.

RO System that Runs Without Stopping

Sometimes, the RO system works without stopping and this might be due to two different reasons. The first reason is the breakage in the valve and another reason is the improper closing of the shut-off valve. As the pressure of the storage tank must be measured, you can get help from reputed RO repair service providers.

Thus, these are about the RO water purifier and the problems that arise in it. You don’t want to worry about this problem in your RO system as they can be solved in simple steps. Otherwise, you can avail the nearby RO installation service for good results.

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